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I create in Montreal, but work in Toronto Canada
About Me:
Writer of short fiction, plays and now delving into some HardBoiled stylings. Was born in black & white with smoke slowly rising from my crib. It was raining outside too.
I Am A:
Reader, Writer
Books And Authors I Like:
Herge,(where it all began), Raymond Chandler, (more literary than given credit) Jim Thompson, Patricia Highsmith,(not just the Ripley series) Arthur Lyons,(anything by him) David Goodis,(The Burgler, Moon in the Gutter) Michael Dibdin, Frank Miller, Terry Moore,(Strangers in Paradise-Graphic Novels) Max Allen Collins,(Ms.Tree) Ellmore Leonard, Graham Greene, Christa Faust, (Money Shot, Control Freak) Dashiel Hammett, Kobo Abe, Sebastian Japrisot, Mabel Maney,(The Case of the Good for Nothing Nurse) Cormac McCarthy (Blood Meridian) Gilbert & Jamie Hernandez (Graphic Novels --good for style & mood)
Movies And TV Shows I Like:
Double Indemnity, Touch of Evil, Bound, House of Games, Chinatown, LAConfidential, Maltese Falcon, Pulp Fiction, Get Shorty, Fargo, Silence of the Lambs, Shallow Grave, Heavenly Creatures, Strangers on a Train, Vertigo, Rear Window, Match Point, Scoop, Crimes & Misdameanors, Poirot, Dexter (Series), The Wire (Series) and Zoolander of course.


Ange's Blog

Book Review

The Living Room of the Dead by Eric Stone

Bleak House Books, 2007

This is noir at its finest. Uncensored, raw and unpredictable. The fact that author, Eric Stone has lived and worked throughout Asia is apparent with lines like, “It’s drizzling the hot sour soup that squeezes out of the filthy tureen that a lot of the year passes for the sky over Hong Kong.” All the research or anecdotal information of place… Continue

Posted on July 8, 2008 at 10:47am — 1 Comment

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At 7:33am on November 18, 2008, Eva Batonne said…
Hey Ange,

Thinking of moving to Canada, can't stand the fires here in Los Angeles. Got any suggestions for a kewl place to live. Thinking of producing some film, too!

Best thoughts,

Eva Batonne
At 4:48pm on June 19, 2008, Daniel Hatadi said…
Well I finally did respond! Glad you like the place Ange, and glad someone thinks about it almost as often as I do. Except I don't really notice I'm thinking about it anymore ... it just happens.
At 7:44am on June 16, 2008, L.J. Sellers said…
Hi Ange
Visually interesting page!
Best wishes with your writing endeavors.
At 2:57pm on June 6, 2008, Eric Stone said…
Thanks for your thanks, Ange. I'm glad to see Christa on your list of favorites. She's a neighbor, good friend, and we cruise the boulevards of East L.A. in search of tacos together from time to time.

I like your "about me" section. "smoke slowly rising from my crib" is my kind of evocative.

Being in Canada, you might be interested in knowing that my book that's coming out in October is loosely based on the Bre-X gold fraud (sort of Canada's Enron) which I covered as a journalist in Indonesia.
At 4:05am on June 6, 2008, Ange said…
Hello David; I was actually referring to the wrtier of The Reapers, The Unquiet.

Check it out
At 11:41pm on June 5, 2008, David L. Hoof said…
But there actually is, or was, a famous and memorable John Connolly. He was the Texas governor riding with JFK on that fateful November day in 1963, and took a nonlethal bullet. For most folks, I think, John -- by being in the wrong place at the wrong time -- became more memorable. I don't think that Michael would have wanted to trade places.
At 5:16am on June 5, 2008, David L. Hoof said…
It's Michael Connelly, not John. He's a client of Philip Spitzer, as is James Lee Burke.
At 7:56am on June 4, 2008, Christa Faust said…
That quote you posted on my page about hardboiled eggs is from Billy Wilder's brilliant Ace in the Hole, one of my favorite Film Noirs of all time.

Anyway welcome to Crimespace.
At 7:27pm on June 3, 2008, Ange said…
This is a great site; thanks to all the interesting members, I am moving in!

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