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About Me:
I'm Valerie, author of crime/mystery fiction.
I Am A:
Books And Authors I Like:
Authors I like include Edgar Allen Poe, Robert Ludlum, Patricia Cornwell, Sue Grafton, Michael Connelly, and Jeffrey Deaver.

Honor Thy Neighbor is book one in the Myerson Mystery Series. The series focuses on Ashlynn Myerson and her husband, Sean who's captain of the Oakmont Police Department's Homicide Division. When mystery writer Ashlynn Myerson’s suspicions about her neighbors begin to mount, her homicide captain husband, Sean, warns her to just steer clear of them. He knows his wife has keen observation skills and a strong interest in becoming a police officer, but Sean’s knee deep in an investigation that thrusts him into an undercover assignment when one of his detectives is shot and left for dead. It’s not until Ashlynn steps on the wrong toes and is abducted that Sean sees the clue she left for him. He realizes her suspicions of their neighbors and his case are intricately woven together.

The effects of the investigation are far reaching, and the losses could be greater than either Sean or Ashlynn ever thought possible. But Sean will do anything within his power to get his wife back unharmed.

Her Last: When the body of a beloved schoolteacher is found in a local park, is it a random homicide—or the work of a serial killer thought to be behind bars?

Carla Jamison was enjoying a warm summer day at the park near her suburban home—a habit of hers many people knew about—when she took her last breath.

Olivia Corfont, forensics expert and coroner, now has a tough case on her autopsy table. Very little evidence and too many questions provide her with a conundrum that leads her straight to Inspector Chet Gavin, who relies heavily on Olivia’s powers of observation to notice things he might miss.

Chasing down dead-end leads leaves the pair questioning whether the homicide of this popular schoolteacher is the work of a serial killer they thought was behind bars. Or is the murderer someone else so precise he or she leaves behind no forensic evidence?
Will the killer strike again? Can Olivia and Inspector Gavin solve the case before there’s another victim? Follow the trail and see if you can solve the case.

What critics are saying about Her Last:

“Her Last…reads like an episode from your favorite police drama…jumps straight into the action from page one and holds your attention to the last sentence. Patterson creates a vivid world within the story that keeps you involved with the action and the characters.” Kira Stegman–Culture Popped


“[Her Last] is a wonderful little “who done it”…Complete with a good SNAP ending when you finally realize who did it, I don’t think Ms. Patterson could have done a better job if she’d tried.” Seriously Reviewed


“Her Last is a quick enjoyable CSI-style mystery. 4.25 out of 5. “ Vee–Night Owl Reviews

GeeWhiz Meets S.H.A.F.T. 007 move over — Milton ‘Milo’ Gee is on the job! Milo Gee, the only surviving partner of the Gee-Whiz Detective Agency, is determined to solve the murder of his partner, Chaz Whiz. When he’s approached by two gorgeous dames–er, women–who want to enlist his talents to save the life of a Canadian Mountie, he’s not overly interested.

But a man has eyes and dames have gams and Milo’s were fixed on these dames’ long, shapely legs…when he wasn’t gazing deep into their bedroom eyes. His resistance begins to crumble once they use their powers of persuasion…some of which might actually be considered violent.

Turns out, these gals are members of the United Universe—a secret agency dedicated to maintaining world peace—and the Mountie is one of their top agents, a.k.a. The Ghost. Once Milo passes his physical, he’s christened with his new UU operative codename–Spade–and they set out to reel in the Mountie. But this operation is not going to be so simple as just finding The Ghost—The S.H.A.F.T, an organization bent on world domination, is out to get him, too.

Armed with cool weapons James Bond would love to have, Spade is determined to get his man…but he never expects to end up with a dame–er, woman!

What reviewers have to say about GeeWhiz Meets S.H.A.F.T.:

This James Bond spoof is hilarious. Valerie J. Patterson has a winner! I’d love to see this made into a movie with Ben Stiller in the starring role. The characters are over the top. This is sure to be a laugh out loud funny hit. The cliches remind me of an old Humphrey Bogart movie. -Reader's Favorite


“Gee-Whiz Meets S.H.A.F.T. is outstandingly hilarious! Patterson has outdone herself. Her first two novels were excellent, but Spade and his dangerous den of dames are wonderfully crafted–a solid hit! If ever there was a character screaming out for his own series, it’s Milo Gee a/k/a Spade. Action-packed, laugh out loud funny, and full of great, nearly-tangible characters–Patterson’s got a winner on her hands.” Janis Hargro, reader review

The Lincoln Room: Voted Best Book of the Week by LASR readers.
Highlands, Pennsylvania has a deadly secret and Alexaundra Jerdan’s life hangs in the balance as she digs away at the truth!

Alexaundra Jerdan has returned to Highlands. Born and raised there in the local orphanage, she left after her high school to pursue a college degree that led to a career as a stockbroker. She’s returned to her hometown to find peace and quiet, and begin a new career…in writing.

The need for research leads her to the town library where she finds solitude in the Lincoln Room. Most of the townspeople avoid this room…it’s reputed to be haunted by a host of women who have died here by means of a secret rite.

But Alex isn’t afraid of ghosts so the empty room suits her perfectly. She’s able to dive into her research without interruption. When a librarian assistant brings her a book found in the stacks, Alex begins a course of discovery that leads her straight to…

Seth Kizer, Highland’s handsome sheriff. He’s dedicated to his job. He’s proud to be a Kizer, and he’s relentless in one thing–warning Alex to stay away from the Lincoln Room. Will his warnings–as well as his family’s secret–prevent him from getting close to Alex once she learns the truth about her hometown’s history?

The ghosts of the women who have died there begin to appear to her. All of them have the same plea – they want her to read the diary. They want her to know that she’s the only person who can help the next woman to be sacrificed…the one who got away.

Reviews for The Lincoln Room:

“History, suspense, romance... This book has it all! Valerie J. Patterson really knows how to hook a reader -- so don’t start THE LINCOLN ROOM at night if you plan on getting any sleep!” - Steve Hamilton, Edgar Award-Winning Author of A STOLEN SEASON


“…The Lincoln Room is an amazing read. Valerie Patterson has a talent for keeping the reader guessing. Mystery, suspense and a few ghosts make this a deliciously eerie way to spend a dark evening.” – Jan Douglas, Reviewer for Writers Unlimited Magazine.


“…I could SEE and SMELL The Lincoln Room. This isn’t a book to read on a dark day, especially not in a spooky old room in the library — save it for a sunny day by the pool when you have friends nearby.” – Karen Treanor, New Mystery Reader Magazine. 4 Stars.


“The Lincoln Room has everything a ghost-loving reader should love. A town history of disease and death. A curse that hangs over the town and, especially, one family. And a woman the ghosts choose to set right what has been wrong all these years. There are many secrets hidden throughout the book and the diary reveals them slowly. There are enough surprises and twists to keep the most dedicated mystery reader happy.” Rose, Long and Short Romance Reviews.

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At 8:30am on October 23, 2009, Lee Lofland said…
When I saw that you were a Jeffery Deaver fan I thought I'd say hi.
At 10:03am on October 22, 2009, R. Michael Phillips said…
Welcome Valerie. I think you're going to like it here.

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