One of the best female singer/songwriters you've probably never heard of. She's carved out a niche of confessional, vulnerable songs with spooky, gorgeous 4AD aural landscapes borne from her lucid-dreaming subconscious: blooms of sound, piano, fiddle, bursts of ominous feedback, and strong melodics. Her voice is gauzy, nasal, and not traditionally musical, but never ever mistake it as slight. She communicates honestly and nakedly: soulsick, left in the rain again but not doomed to it, trying overcome her latest chill and pain. She can also lash out: Red Thread is a languid waltz with tinkling saloon piano -- as if you got unceremoniously dumped by your partner in Deadwood. Her sweet-sounding, singsong chorus ("Go to hell/fuck you") shows she's not feeling sorry for herself or catching up on Cathy cartoon strips. This live performance is straight out of Twin Peaks. Amazing.

  • Currently 5/5 stars.

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