A veteran Houston homicide detective’s mistake causes a woman’s death. When a woman shoots David Mason, he returns fire, killing her, but he can’t escape her accusing eyes. David’s mistake threatens his reputation, career and sanity, but more important, the relationship with the love of his life. Beth Porter, David’s fiancée, fears the dangers of his job. These fears escalate when he is wounded, and she separates from him.

With the help of a Melissa, a beautiful FBI agent, David must stop a ruthless killer preying on women. As he struggles to track down the killer and get Beth back, he must cope with a mutual attraction with his female partner.

When the investigation gets too close, the killer abducts another woman. He gives David forty-eight hours to find her or she dies. With little evidence and no suspects, David’s only hope is for the killer to make a mistake. Now he has. He abducted Beth.

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