Home Invasion Song (Parody)

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Gang of bad men coming,
Creep inside your home
We know you're somewhere hiding
In darkness all alone.
Run, but you wont make it --
Never reach your door.
Phone line's already been cut;
Hear footsteps on your floor.

One, two, three and four:
Guess whos creeping through your door.
Hot, cold, are you near?
Times up. Lets end this, dear.

If hide and seek's your game,
Know: we never lose.
If you surrender now, dear
We'll barely leave a bruise.
Are you beneath your bed?
Where else might you hide?
Come out, come out, my love, and
We'll keep this dignified.


Wait this was all a joke.
Please, put down that gun.
There's no need for bloodshed.
We meant it all in fun.
She handcuffed both that day,
But never called the cops.
She keeps both in their basement.
Their torture never stops.


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