Her stalker has a game to play.
His eyes undress her everyday.
Into her home he knows the way.
Sex slave.
She wakes up with him in her bed.
His pistol's pointed at her head.
"Obey me or you'll soon be dead."
Sex slave.
"Walk out with me into my car.
We'll take a drive it won't be far.
I'll treat you like a movie star."
Sex slave.
She trembles as they march outside.
She doubts that she'll survive the ride.
She's searching for a way to hide.
Sex slave.
She spots a neighbor driving past.
She shouts for help and runs so fast.
"Surprise, surprise," her neighbor laughs.
Sex slave.
Her neighbor turns the car toward him.
Her stalker's prospects seem to dim --
Until she sees her neighbor's grin.
Sex slave.
They lock her in a cage at night,
And burn her when she tries to fight.
They drug her, swear they'll train her right.
Sex slave.
Both men say she'll fetch quite a price.
When buyers come she "must act nice."
High bidders her "eyes must entice."
Sex slave.
A stranger comes and bids quite high.
She learns his disguise was a lie.
"Put your hands up. We're FBI!"
Sex slave.

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