Two years after returning to the UK, Ronnie Glover has the perfect life: his own company, a luxury penthouse overlooking the Thames, and a girlfriend most men would give their right arm to be with.

But history has a way of not forgetting, and without realising it, Ronnie has become one of the most hunted men in the country.

When his company office is burnt to the ground and his girlfriend murdered, Ronnie starts to suspect his past may have caught up with him. The police want to charge him with arson and murder, but only Ronnie knows the truth; he knows who is after him - and why.

Ronnie fakes a chilling death and flees to Edinburgh fearing for his life. He takes a new identity that affords him none of the luxuries he once took for granted. But ghosts from the past are waiting for him in Scotland, too - a part of his past he knew nothing about.

Ronnie’s worlds come clashing together, and when they do he faces some tough decisions. Can he survive a life on the run? Can he get his old life back? Does he even want to?

Sometimes, you're better off dead.

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