UPDATE: I'VE SHOT (BY FIRING SQUAD) MOST OF MY "NODS")! -Any suggestions for words other than "nodded?!"

I try not to write about someone having nodded I really do--but are there other words similar to that head motion that someone can perform to denote agreement?! What I keep picturing are those doggie toys that people stick in the back window of their cars that keep shaking their head, DON'T WANT THAT IMAGE.
Anyway, if you can help me, please feel free to HELP me!
thanks guys.

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Maybe just ask yourself if you even NEED to include more than "he said." And you can do that in rewrite mode rather than first draft. I've found that lots of my "pet" words that absolutely HAD to be there in the first draft aren't nearly so necessary in the second. Or third. Especially if I do a word search for those pesky nods and find I have 5,481 of them in 300 pages. If you go back and reassess, maybe you can delete a bunch of them, which gives those that remain lots more bang for your buck.

A few grains of salt add flavor. A whole handful makes you choke.
I love that! over 5,ooo huh? scary. I guess in editing, it will be easier for me to line the excess nods up against a wall and mow them down! I just have to have more confidence and be forthright!
Wait. Are you concerned because this nodding is a peculiar habit your character has? I would vote for explaining this at the start and then letting it pretty much go, except for the occasional brief nod or dip. Or perhaps having another character make some comment or think about it.
okay, like: "say, that tremor hasn't come back, has it? Maybe you should try deep breathing exercises."
seriously, I'll just try to use it sparingly so it doesn't sound over used. otherwise people are going to think my characters are having neurological probs! thanks i.j.
right, Amy. can't see it in a hardboiled crime novel. but it's kind of cute in a way!
flip dictionary : Nodding head - nutation

nod: acceptance, acknowledge,agree, approval, beckon, bend, bow, doze, drift, drowse, gesture, greeting, motion, salute, signal, signify, sleep.

can't see the word nutation in a sentence... Maybe we should put up a discussion on how to use the word nutation and make it sound right.

I don't think it will ever sound right. it sounds like you do something to your dog so he doesn't impregnate lady dogs!
I'm guilty of nodding abuse, too, and find myself desperately trying to delete them when I move into copyediting mode. Nice to know, I'm not alone ;-)
YOU ARE NOT ALONE! It's driving me nuts!
Just having the character say yes gets old too. At least with a nod, you have a visual.
sold. sounds like a good suggestion. thank you.
I vote for he said, nodding. Second choice, he acknowledged. Usually *he said* seems to be best.


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