Lots of the good folk here at Crimespace blog and I keep an eye on a fair few of those. I also, I don't doubt, have lots more to discover and enjoy and I'm looking forward to that. There are two non-crime ones, though, that I read pretty much every day.

First, there's Ross Halfin (http://www.rosshalfin.co.uk/home/intro.php), the rock/travel photographer, because I love his photographs and the blog has such a strong voice. I also pinch the odd pic from Mr H to put on my desktop, which currently features Chris Cornell. Then there's Mick Wall (http://www.mickwall.com/blog/blog.php), veteran music writer, whose blog I got into as a result of reading RH's and whose style I also admire. (And whose books I am starting to collect as a result of reading his blog.)

There are others (non-crime) that I pop in and out of on an irregular basis, but these two are pretty much the equivalent of a coffee and a fag when I get to work on a morning (or switch my comp on if I have a day off).

So... what about you? Who do you enjoy reading? What am I missing?

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I'm fairly new to this internet thing, but for all kinds of different things about books, publishing, and writing:

And this book reviewer is one of my favorites. Really calls it like she sees it. Check out today's "this is the worst book I ever read."
Great review! Mind you, the cover would have been enough to send me running for the hills, despite it featuring a moggie (I am rather fond of the wee beggars).

This is working - getting new things to add to my list of faves. (Anyone remember the recent forum about distractions? Hmmm...)
Well, they're not really blogs, but I love these artists:
They do daily comic drawings (on their "together" site and their individual sites, nataliedee.com & toothpastefordinner.com) and are very, very funny and child-like. And occasionally quite naughty. My kinda people!
Another one for the list, Angie - thanks!
Well, I don't visit any blogs every day, but there are one or two I visit when I have the time:

First of all The Daily Quirk which is...well, it just tickles my funnybone:
It's done by the guy who brought us the wonderful Gallery of Regrettable Food (check out Meat! Meat! Meat! or the Knudsens one) which, along with the Fredericks of Hollywood 1977 catalogue are just my favourite things:

And, since I love shoes and I love humour, I also love the blog of the Manolo:
So far, I've had a quick look at the blog of the Manolo - fantastic! I need to spend more time there! I'll check out the others over the weekend, too... I'm assuming I'll have the time, anyway. Cheers, Donna!
Gawker. Defamer. A couple of sites devoted to my part of the world. Gizmodo.
A bunch of the political blogs: ThinkProgress, Daily Kos, and such. One of my favorites is Balloon Juice which is by a moderate Republican who's become disgusted with the Bushistas.
Among the (mostly) non-political blogs, Kung Fu Monkey is not to be missed. Overheard In New York is hilarious, and Fark.com gives me my daily dose of the bizarre. I'm grieving that Monkey Fluids isn't providing any more new posts. You really need to check out the archives...it puts captions on really weird pictures from old-fashioned children's books.

Can you tell I spend WAY too much time on the Internet?
Looks like time well spent to me - cheers!
I read Male Pattern Fitness (http://louschuler.com), done by a former editor at Mens Health and Mens Fitness. He's written four books for guys who like to lift heavy things; the blog is largely health related, but he waxes political or entertainment every once in a while. Also, because he's originally from St. Louis, he's a huge baseball nut and silly for his Cardinals.

It's not a blog, but I'm a daily reader of the forums at Real Rams Fans (http://realramsfans.com), a site for St. Louis Rams fans . It's kinda slow this time year heading into the NFL draft, but once training camp begins the place gets a-hoppin.

I also like Barry Eisler's blog (http://barryeisler.com/blog), although he doesn't update it as often as I'd like. It's got nothing to do with his writing or crime (per se). It's purely the intersection of politics and language. Good stuff.

I also read Galleycat for all the dirt. Hugh McLeod's blog (http://gapingvoid.com) is worth my time. And Kathy Sierra's Creating Passionate Users blog (http://headrush.typepad.com) is awesome. Even though it's geared toward tech writers and software developers, she's taught me a lot about marketing.
Gee thanks, guys. Because of your recommendations, I now have a dozen more Blogs with which to hone the art of procrastination... (sigh...) Is there a Bloganonymous 12-step program yet?
Not sure, but you could always Google it, Libby - there's probably someone out there blogging about how they can't get past two!


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