Are any of our members fluent in street/urban Russian?

One of my characters is an ex-Russian beauty contest winner.  She has married an Australian and now lives here - ie for about 10 years.  As discussed in an older blog, I am throwing the occasional Russian word into her dialogue and thoughts, to imply her accent.    She has had a a fairly colourful past, and the site I use called 'Urban Russian' does not give me the more gritty words that I need.


Anyone reading the book (LOL, if only), would probably understand the implied word, however I would like to have the correct Russian words in the dialogue/thoughts.  (Probably only about a dozen words are needed).


Can anyone assist....?



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Gayle, I'm very sorry you didn't get a response. It was worth a shot. You never know what people are experts in. You might try some other sites.
Thanks I.J.. As always, here you are encouraging us 'newbies'. You must be a joy to know personally. Don't know of any other sites. Perhaps when I meet the other members of 'Sisters in Crime' here in Oz. Someone might know someone who knows someone.....
Misspelled your name. Apologies. Not at all sure I'm a joy to know. I'm horribly opinionated. But thanks. :)


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