For the benefit of CrimeSpace readers, on my website I've posted links to over two hundred independent bricks-and-mortar bookstores in the US and elsewhere:


All have survived the rugged book sales environment of the last several years. About half now offer Google E-books.  All mystery specialty stores of which I'm aware are included.


If there are others you think should be added, particularly in Canada, Australia, England, and New Zealand, let me know.



L. A. Starks

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Now THAT is useful!





Thx, you're welcome, and feel free to buy a copy of 13 DAYS. :-)




What a labor of love. Many thanks!

Thanks for doing this! Do you include new/used bookstores on your list? If so, I would add:


Black Cat Books in Manitou Springs, CO (

Beth Anne's Book Corner in Colorado Springs, CO (

Poor Richard's Bookstore in Colorado Springs, CO (

The Book Haven in Salida, CO (



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