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The Point of It All

I've been reporting on what was discussed/presented at Sleuthfest, and I think the comments I've gotten bring us to the point of writing, which is "WRITE." We all have different methods, motivations, and machinations that bring us to keyboard or paper, pull us through plotting or pantsing, and assist us in fixing and finalizing.

I like hearing what others do, and I appreciate those who comment here with their own input. It's helpful to listen and compare, because we can all pick up… Continue

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Bookslut: THE SAMARITAN'S SECRET "Cool Read" for Teens

In popular blog Bookslut, Colleen Mondor has a terrific review of a series of books set overseas, giving it a particular slant toward young readers. She designates my new Palestinian crime novel, THE SAMARITAN'S SECRET, her "cool read" of the week. You can see other reviews by Colleen here, but meanwhile this is what she writes about my novel:…


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Separated at birth?

Since I posted my Shades of Grey cover (left), my buddy Brett pointed out its similarity to this REM… Continue

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Meet Me in VA Tomorrow

Friday night I present a talk to the Northern Virginia Writers. On the first Friday of each month they hold a dinner event for local authors. This month I get to be their featured speaker. I have prepared a talk called “Hooks and Books” that explores how writers can get readers hooked on their stories and then how to get readers to buy our books. Dinner starts at 6 pm at the Lightfoot Restaurant, 11 North King St., Leesburg, VA.

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Should I Stay or Should I Go...On?

Another idea from Sleuthfest. Several speakers advised what I guess you can call forward-writing: not letting yourself edit until you've got a first draft. I've made my case on this one before. Can't do it.

The idea is that you don't look back. You make yourself write on because (they say) the act of editing can become a stalling technique and a writer can become lost in "this could be better." While I agree with that, I find that editing sets the story-thus-far in my mind so that I… Continue

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Madame Secretary, when will we have peace? And bathroom breaks?

When I'm not writing crime novels, this is what I have to put up with

By Matt Beynon Rees - GlobalPost

Published: March 4, 2009 15:25 ET

RAMALLAH — The further back you are in a motorcade, the more bemused the expression on the faces of the pedestrians watching you speed by. When I passed them, the people of this Palestinian city stared with slack jaws, as though they wondered if the parade of shiny black… Continue

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Ah the sweet smell of rejection..

Blog date- October 14, 2008

Know thyself is an old but extremely accurate proverb. As a writer it’s critical to know the length and breadth of your talent and skill. Because the world is going to knock them every chance they get.

I learned, the hard way, to have a realistic evaluation of my own talent. It doesn’t mean I think I’m headed for the New York Times book review any time soon but I know my own worth. So when a horror ezine, remaining nameless of course,… Continue

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Suspense Magazine goes onsite to investigate local legend!!!

Hello Everyone,

We are doing something out of the ordinary. We are going onsite to a city in California, (very small town) to investigate a local "ghost" legend. I'll be writing everyday, like a diary, to keep everyone informed. I don't know the time space that this will encompass, we will stay until we have completed all the research. We are told by locals that this legend dates back to the 1800's and is still very much alive today. It is a very exciting time for us and wanted to do… Continue

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20 quick reasons to search out Small Crimes

"There's a new name to add to the pantheon of the sons and daughters of Cain: Dave Zeltserman." NPR's Top 5 Crime and Mystery Novels of 2008

"A thing of beauty: spare but ingeniously twisted and imbued with a glossy coating of black humor." Maureen Corrigan, Washington Post's Best Books of 2008

"Zeltserman's breakthrough third crime novel deserves comparison with the best of James Ellroy", Publisher's Weekly, starred review

"A Jim Thompson mentality on a Norman… Continue

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A Star in the Five Star Catalog

I just discovered that my upcoming release, To Hell in a Handbasket, is a star attraction in my publisher's spring catalog! Here's the scoop.

My publisher, Five Star, is part of the Gale/Cengage Learning corporation and puts out a catalog every three months listing its hardcover titles. These catalogs are mailed to library systems throughout the US and distributed at library conferences. The April-June, 2009 catalog features the covers of eight books on its front cover: 3… Continue

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A Great weekend!!

It was a cold, wet, ugly weekend but I still had a great time at the South Carolina Book Festival. For two days the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center was alive with local, regional, and national book dealers, antiquarians, publishers, authors and book lovers. Aside from meeting a number of great people I signed a good number of my novels for new fans.

The biggest reason I had so much fun was that I was hanging with my fellow authors from Echelon Press the whole time. I could… Continue

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The First Page Hook

We all write novels. We all want to 'hook' the reader. The question is; how soon do we hook'em? Do you go out of your way to write that first page, maybe that first paragraph, to compel the reader to dive deeper in your book? Or do you progressively open up your story and hope the reader follows along?

How important is the first page? The first chapter? And should we rely on a 'hook?'

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SleuthFest notes

PHOTO: Buck Buchanan, Michael, and Leighton Gage, notice sign in back? The bar is in front of us, enough said)

I just returned from the four-day SleuthFest gathering of writers and fans in Deerfield Beach, Fla. It is sponsored by the Florida chapter of the Mystery Writers of America (I am on the chapter’s board) and its two guests of honor were writers John Hart and Brad Meltzer. John spoke at the Friday luncheon and Brad on… Continue

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Another interesting refresher at Sleuthfest concerned pacing. I'm a pantser and probably always will be, but I've learned over time that there comes a reckoning. I write until I get to a certain point. I know the beginning and the end, but there's that muddle in the middle that must be dealt with: things have to happen, people have to be spotlighted as either red herrings or to foreshadow their guilt in the end. But it can't lag or droop. It has to have focus, clarity, and… Continue

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Introducing Writers Radio Show

Hi! I am inviting you to join my new group for Introducing WRITERS radio show! I hope you will join us and keep up with the guests who will be on the show, their books, and all the great fun and information hosting this show will bring!

It is on and it is called Introducing Writers Radio Show.

If you would like a gander at the show before you join, you can find it here:

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TARP times, hard times, a circle of violence

The national economic meltdown was brought home to me this week.Read post

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The Pignataro Case

Right now I am reading Ann Rule's book "Last dance, Last chance" which is one of her many collections of crime stories. The main story in this book is about a man called Anthony Pignataro who was a cosmetic surgeon living a flamboyant lifestyle in New York State with his wife Debbie and his two children. The most important person in Anthony Pignataro's life was himself and he had little time for his wife or his children. He had numerous affairs,… Continue

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"Vig" Available on "Crooked

My short story, "Vig," is available starting today on the Crooked webzine. Feel free to stop by and comment, compliment, or show derision. Check out the other stories while you're at it. Geoff is starting a nice little gig there.

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Introducing "SHADES OF GREY"

Coming in June from Severn House.… Continue

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Mixed Blood by Roger Smith hits the shelves

My debut thriller, Mixed Blood (Henry Holt & Co), is available today in the US.

An American, hiding out in Cape Town, South Africa, after being blackmailed into a bank heist back home, is building a new life for his pregnant… Continue

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