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Just HOURS Left to Grab Cool Crime Fiction Bundle

You only have hours left! At 11:59 p.m. Pacific on July 30, one of the coolest crime fiction book deals is going away.


Click here right now to head to Groupees.com and name your own price for e-books from 27 stellar crime authors. You'll find great e-books from yours truly, Vincent Zandri, Black Heart Magazine, Fiona…


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More for your listening pleasure

Additional exceptional listens this week: Protecting Project Pulp had a great sci fi story from 1958, "Bread Overhead." Then on Pseudopod, the host of PPP narrated the creepy crawly "Coming to a Theater Near You."

Then slip back to July 27's Roundtable Podcast for "20 Minutes With Seanan McGuire," musician, artist, graphic novelist, and fiction/non-fiction writer. If she's not your fancy, drop back a few episodes for a workshop with guest host Seth Harwood, a heavy-duty noir…


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A better experience, a better writer? No, a more considered experienced...

After reading a bit about Jennifer Chase, which I enjoyed I found that... I actually take Police work, or rather Police life for granted and, if nothing else being on Crime Space has tempted me to look at what I do, not as a writer but what I ignore as a Polic Officer. This is all in the hope that it will make me a better writer and, you know what, I think it will! I also hope that other bloggers, cops, writers, readers might be able to pull something from the trip.....

I'm not a…


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Chris F Holm's "A Simple Kindness"

This week's Crime City Central is a true winner, a spine-tingling narration of a masterful piece of suspense. Just helping a pretty lady, what could go wrong? Tune in to find out!

Download the story at iTunes or subscribe via iTunes or Stitcher!

If you like it, leave us a positive iTunes review. If you don't like it, send me a message about how we can make it better and we will do it.

As our host says, Like that mythical creature we can only survive if lots of people…


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Let the Devil Sleep - John Verdon

I was lucky enough to be an early reader (and fan) of John Verdon's debut novel - Think of a Numb3r. (my review) I love getting in on the ground floor of a new series. His second book - Shut…


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Red Hot Crime for a Red Hot Summer - DI Horton Marine Mystery and thrillers on Kindle Price Promotion

My crime novels are on a summer reading promotion on Amazon Kindle. So if you haven't tried them before and fancy a summer reading of crime you can get them at the fantastic price of 99p on  amazon uk and at $1.54…


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Tess Gerritsen, Juliet Blackwell, Mike Orenduff & more in new KRL issue

A new issue of Kings River Life is up and as always filled with mystery fun! We have a great mystery short story by Herschel Cozine http://kingsriverlife.com/07/28/compulsion-original-mystery-short-story/


We also have an article on the recent RizzlesCon along with a video interview with Tess Gerritsen…


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The Nightmare - Lars Kepler

I read the first book - The Hypnotist - by the Swedish husband and wife team of Lars Kepler last year. (my review) I was quite intrigued with their recurring character…


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Review - The Woman Before Me, Ruth Dugdall


Author:  Ruth Dugdall

ISBN:   9781921922893

Location:  United Kingdom

Series:   Cate Austin

Publisher:   Text Publishing

Year of Publication:   2012

Rose Wilks and Emma Hatcher.

New mothers together.

But Rose's baby is in intensive care, and when Emma's son is killed, Rose is the only suspect.

Probation officer Cate Austin's new case is Rose Wilks, convicted of manslaughter and due for parole after…


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Review - Babylon, Stephen Sewell

Book Title:  BABYLON

Author:  Stephen Sewell

ISBN:  9780522858464

Location:  Australia

Publisher:  Victory Books

Year of Publication:  2011

Mick, an English backpacker, heads to the north of Australia for sun, women, and a shot at making a fortune working the shrimp trawlers.

While looking for adventure, Mick hitches a ride with the enigmatic Dan who leads him into more trouble and depravity than even the most reckless traveller could stomach. As the…


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NoirCon 2012 Website

Be sure to be on the cutting edge of NoirCon 2012.

Visit the official website for all that is NoirCon 2012 at www.noircon.com…


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What is Noir?

Round One of the ATOMIC NOIR SHORT STORY CONTEST is closed. Several great submissions are in and the selection process is underway. Big thanks to all who submitted. It was short notice and high stakes, and you came through like champs.

The next round begins August 1. …


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Roundtable Podcast of Literature

The Internet's best-kept secret can be found at www.roundtablepodcast.com where Dave Robison and co-host Brian Humphrey kick around ideas with established authors. They don't limit themselves to any particular genre. They get into the sleeves-rolled-up nuts and bolts of the craft of writing.

The format of conversation as opposed to interview just really works. As a reader I come away seeing that author as a person and wanting to read…


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Pulp Fiction

Does your crime story cross over into pulp fiction? Check out www.protectingprojectpulp.com , the new pulp fiction podcast. As a weekly show, Protecting Project Pulp will need hundreds of stories.

If you have a story they can use, get in touch! If you just love pulp fiction, download the show at iTunes and have a listen! The first two episodes presented excellent stories.

Remember that your favorite podcasts need positive…


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Review: Paul D. Brazill's "Drunk on the Moon"

I'm not a fan of the crop of paranormal fiction from the past few years. Glistening vampires fighting ripped werewolves over some ancient what-not has zero appeal. Not that it's suppose to grab me. I'm a married guy from the Midwest living the middle class dream. Frustrated metaphors for puberty have passed me by.



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Death Lies Beneath-the new DI Horton Crime Novel-Pauline Rowson-Now Published in the UK and Kindle Special Promotion

The eighth in the DI Andy Horton series of marine mystery crime police procedural novels, Death Lies Beneath is officially published today in the UK in hardcover by Severn House.  It will be published in the USA in November.

Death Lies Beneath by Pauline Rowson…


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Review - All My Enemies (re-released), Barry Maitland

Book Title:   ALL MY ENEMIES

Author:  Barry Maitland

ISBN:   9781742376547

Location:   London

Series:   Brock & Kolla

Publisher:   Allen & Unwin

Year of Publication:   2012

In one of the finest and most pivotal books in this critically acclaimed series, never before published in the U.S., D.S. Kathy Kolla reports to New Scotland Yard and to D.C.I. David Brock's Serious Crime Division.

Just before Kolla is to start her new job, a young woman…


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Okay, it's not cutting edge or mystery thriller territory but as a Police Officer I'd have to thank G4S for their ineptitude, even I've had crumbs off the table -Seal duties, no not American Seals but sealing or sanetising buildings (Hotels) after Search Officers have made them safe... this actually involves standing on my left foot for one hour then standing on my right foot for an hour and so on and so forth for until my ten hour shift is over! Is this the same Officer who wrote The…


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Crime City Central wants your story

Crime City Central debuted last week to great reviews and over 750 downloads! We have many stories coming up from outstanding authors, including Ann Littlewood, Cheryl Wood-Ruggiero, Carolyn Hart, Copper Smith, Brad Morrow, Annette Meyers, Marty Maeyers, Tony Lindsay, Keven McQueen, Chris F Holm, Ray Banks, John Corrigan, Joe Lansdale and many more.

We need hundreds of stories, though, to maintain a reliable 40 - 60 minute weekly show. We can't pay for stories, but we can increase…


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