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Wild Bill Spans the Globe

Barely a week after its release, Wild Bill is an international sensation, with satisfied readers from such disparate locations as Los Angeles, California and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, with others strewn about the intervening 10,062 miles. (Note: The use of the word “sensation” does not imply an ego run amuck. Sensations are not universally good, as anyone who has recently has an “itching, burning, sensation” can attest. Just saying, is all.) The current sales rank is…


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Thad Brown "Lights Out"

A new installment of Thad Brown’s “Smoking Gun Sisterhood” is out and it is a doozy. Thus far there have been five installments in the series and this one is such a great addition to the other titles; they just seem to get better and better as I follow along. Thad Brown knows how to write; he just flat out has a way with the written word and has made me want to read the next one in the series as soon as I finish the one I just downloaded. The installments are well thought out, the characters…


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Guest Blogger: I.J. Parker, author of The Hollow Reed Series

Here's a blog I wrote to announce the release of the HOLLOW REED trilogy.  I'm happy to say that the books, gradually released between Aug. 1. and Sept. 1., are doing very well.  I wrote HOLLOW REED as a one-volume work about five years ago, thinking to say something about history as well as about the resilience of women in times of extreme oppression.  It was turned down by 5 of the six big houses and I took it back into my care.  You may recall several blogs over the past year that dealt…


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Around the Globe with SALLY CARPENTER

A little rainy, a little humid for the beginning of the new month. I'm looking forward to having the release of my next book, "Beta" on the first of October.

This week gets a little funky because my featured author wanted to travel to a place I didn't think we could go. However, my transporter is fashioned after a famous blue police box, so with a little…


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Steven James "The Queen"

I was lucky enough to receive this between an earthquake and a hurricane and tornado. Fun right. I basically got to read this using various forms of light also: sunlight, light bulbs when they worked, and I really went oldschool for a while, candlelight. I was also supposed to interview Steven James on Monday at 1pm, but I had emailed them last week ,on Friday, and explained that we were in the path of the hurricane and may not be able to have him on as a guest Monday because I didn’t know…


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Debtor's Chip Aurora H.R. Toye

If you have seen my exploits at all, you have seen lately I have been off of the grid due to something insignificant and small like a hurricane passing through our neighborhood. Besides getting to spend quality time with my family and enjoying playing a variety of board games with everybody I decided since the only thing I could use the computer for was to get into Word documents I was going to scroll through and see if maybe there were a few things I have read but never posted on. Low and…


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Review - The Brotherhood, Y.A. Erskine


Author:  Y.A. Erskine

ISBN:   9781742750156

Location:   Tasmania

Publisher:   Bantam

Year of Publication:   2011

When Sergeant John White, mentor, saviour and all-round good guy, is murdered during a routine call-out, the tight-knit world of Tasmania Police is rocked to the core.

An already difficult investigation into the death of one of their own becomes steeped in political complexities when the main suspect is identified as… Continue

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Silent Partner Took Home the Silver!

I’m very honored that SILENT PARTNER won the 2011 SILVER AWARD for BEST in SUSPENSE at Reader’s Favorite.  Thank you!  Congratulations to all winning authors!

This story was a very special project and close to my heart.

Here’s a recent blog post about this book:…


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It’s a Match!

From any crime show that we’ve viewed on television or in the movies, there is that moment where the evidence matches and the suspect is then brought to justice.  They make it seem so easy and it only take a few moments.  It’s definitely much more complicated than it looks and the forensic professionals who make that positive distinction are nothing less than exemplary in their…


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Series, yeah, Trestle Press has those!

I am undoubtedly an oldhead. I can remember so far back that people used to write on stone tablets, animal skins and then on parchment paper. My point in this is that I also remember reading stories like the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, The Executioner, The Death Merchant, Nick Carter and Encyclopedia Brown. Every week when I went to the library I would try to find a new installment in a series I was following and just enjoy it, devour it and look forward to the next or perhaps finding a new one…


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Jeff Abbott’s “Adrenaline” giveaway contest it continues due to the Hurricane

I have been away from the internet it seems like forever, but in reality just since last Friday, and in this day and age that is forever isn’t it? Thankfully the novels I have to giveaway have survived the hurricane and tornado that breezed by; I put them up in a safe place, and now I need to bring this contest and giveaway to a fun and fulfilling end. I have 5 of Jeff Abbott’s “Adrenaline” novels to give out and am looking forward to making some people happy.

To that end, just do a…


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Review - The Siren's Sting, Miranda Darling


Author:  Miranda Darling

ISBN:   9781741759204

Series:   Stevie Duveen

Publisher:   Allen & Unwin

Year of Publication:   2011

Aboard a luxury yacht as the minder of the world's greatest - and most temperamental - opera star, Stevie Duveen manages to thwart a pirate attack off the coast of Somalia, but soon realises the attack is merely one salvo in a ruthless campaign of terror.  Other vessels are being hijacked, and ransoms in… Continue

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