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Surprised Myself

Yesterday I mentally prepared for today. I could hardly wait until 12:01 AM so I could get started on my NaNoWriMo project. But leading up to midnight I watched two movies: Georgia Rules and Catch and Release. Not bad. At 12:01, I started typing. Two false starts that left me cold. (No, I didn't delete them but I did highlight them in yellow.) I put on my own copy of Must Love Dogs, and started writing again. Finally I found a beginning that satisfied me. My strength is dialogue. Once I put…


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December Treasures in My Closet

With the December holidays, people probably don't take as much time to read. These books, scheduled for December publication, may still be treasures that you'll want to watch for. If you don't have time to read them before Christmas, why don't you ask for one of them as a present? Or a true treasure would be a gift of all of the following books!

I just know that Chris Grabenstein asked for the publication date of Hell for the Holidays to be changed to December, so the…

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Time On My Mind

posted by Jeanne

I can't speak for the rest of the country, but many of us on the East Coast have been shuffling around for the past week as if in a trance. We're Red Sox Nation and we've been through division championships, league championships and finally the World Series.

Of course we're glad that The Olde Home Team won the big trophy. Personally, and I note here that I've been a Sox fan for ...let's just say decades and leave it at that, I was suprised that the Series only…


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Speaking of Mysteries

I've been doing "Mystery Talks" at libraries over the last few months as a way of letting librarians and patrons get to know me, and I have to admit it's more fun than work. After thirty years in the classroom, it's great to have audiences that actually want to hear what I have to say, and of course talking about mysteries will never bore a fanatic like me.

I feel a little guilty sometimes recommending Author A over Author B, because we all know that tastes vary, and Author B wouldn't…


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Back from China

I just got back from China where we learned that both the police force and the fire department were part of the People's Army, which is a volunteer professional organization. While I was on the trip I had a chance to read Alan Cook's horror, crime book set in the fifties titled "Honeymoon for Three", a good read with the tension cranking up notch by notch. Also read my first Carl Hiaasen book called "Basket Case"--he has such a good sense of humor and carried it consistently through the book,… Continue

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Crimespace Short Story Competition

As a way of celebrating the joining of the 1000th member, Crimespace is proud to open its first short story competition. The plan is to run this heist every year, with the entries being crime fiction based

around a theme.

To kick it off, this year's theme is 'Australia'.

How you include it is up to you. Your story could be set in Australia,

have an Australian character in it, or simply mention…

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Natchez, Mississippi: 4,380 miles

The whole quote is: "The classification of the constituents of a chaos, nothing less is here essayed." and it's from Moby Dick, which I am currently rereading.

A good road trip is something like that. You point your car here or there, pretty much at random but with an abiding sense of where you're headed, and soone or later you've made something of it. What? I'm not sure yet. But something.

And so far something very… Continue

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Merriam, KS - 2,186 miles

It's a good thing that my doctor isn't along for this ride. America's heartland hasn't confronted me with much traffic on its highways, but it's clogging my arteries.

Lunch yesterday was at Al's Chickenette in Hays, Kansas. It's famous for its fried chicken. So of course, that's what I had. The place looks great, old neon, been there forever, but alas, the chicken was pretty bland. Nicely cooked but without much flavor.

Dinner was a big salad… Continue

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Friends of the Library and Friends here

If you've got a few moments, check out my RSS feed from my group blog at, found in the bottom left column

It's about the Friends of the Library sale from last Friday. Some of you may have been there, done that.

Also, if you feel inclined, send me out a friend request. I'm over my limit of 100 and it will take forever to erase the almost 2000 I sent out.


Morgan Mandel

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Pushing it...

Pulp Pusher has launched a new segment dedicated to uncovering more of the story behind the fictional characters we know and love...Pushed for Answers has kicked off with Head Games author Craig McDonald. Also in the most recent update we have Maxim Jakubowski talking about Paris Noir and some great new short fiction from Simon Kernick, John Rector and Keith Gilman.…


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At 12:01 tonight (or in the morning) I'll write the first few words (pages?) of my new project. Why do I commit to such as this? Fast writing. I usually feel like a failure when I quit producing. Nov…

At 12:01 tonight (or in the morning) I'll write the first few words (pages?) of my new project. Why do I commit to such as this? Fast writing. I usually feel like a failure when I quit producing. November isn't a real good month for daily writing. Daughter comes home from NOBTS and all I want to do is play with her. We visit family in Texas for Thanksgiving. We'll also be moving out of our apartment in Houston and trying to find room to store furniture…


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