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Mike Well’s Lust, Money, & Murder (Book 1)

It may seem a crazy thing to do.  I mean writing about a book that you haven’t even finished reading yet.

So why bother?  I bothering because Mike Well’s “Lust, Money, & Murder” is written in three parts and part one is a good teaser that’s leading me to download parts two and three.  Let’s face it.  I want to see what happens…


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More Praise for The Troubleshooter!

Les in New Mexico posted a review on Amazon about The Troubleshooter: “Entertaining action story. Well written action romp. In this story we get to know Hannibal Jones, a tough hero with a social conscience. He can "take a licking and keep on ticking". He's too good to be true, but interesting and entertaining. Overall, a good light read staged around some serious issues.…


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Christmas mysteries, giveaways, Cleo Coyle, Craig Johnson & more

The new issue of Kings River Life is up and filled with Christmas and mystery fun!


We have a review of Cleo Coyle's new holiday mystery novel, "Holiday Buzz", a chance to win a copy of the book & a great guest post by Cleo with some fun holiday recipes


"Crimewave", a Christmas mystery short story by Michael Bracken…


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Blog for writers

Today’s guest, Ken Myers, has some good tips for writing dialog on my blog Another Writers Life.

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It's the week of Christmas and

The Westwood Strangler is dead.

Or so everyone believes.…


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The Next Big Thing

mountain-peak This week, I participate in a group effort called The Next Big Thing. Some of you may be familiar with this and some of you may have participated. I was invited to participate by Chris Swinney and you can read material by Chris and other authors at…


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Big News: Writer's Digest to Publish My Weapons E-Book

Big news!


A while back, I started an off-the-cuff project called the Crime Writer's Guide to Firearms & Knives. It started as a way to debunk some of the myths about weapons in crime fiction. It soon morphed into a beast of its own, including a glossary and a bit of weapons…


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Dead Bunny is now on KIndle!

I travel the subway in Toronto pretty frequently so there's no missing the fact that a lot of people are doing their reading on Kindle and a wide variety of other electronic devices with equally unlikely names. And up until now my mystery novel Dead Bunny was only available in that primitive "book" format. Hard to believe people still risk injury to fingers and wrists by manipulating those clumsy masses of paper and glue. I've heard that until the Kindle came along, 3 out of every 19…


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Listen to my latest interview!

I was interviewed about my writing and my latest thriller, The Piranha Assignment, on the web blog 2012 Writers Alive! Check it out!

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Holiday Sale

If you haven't read the five books in the Sticks Hetrick mystery series, now's your chance.

Whiskey Creek Press is holding a holiday sale on the Hetrick and four other great mystery/suspense series. Each e-book in the series is only $4.99 at Amazon Kindle or B&N Nook.

Daniel 'Sticks' Hetrick is a retired Pennsylvania police chief who helps solve baffling crimes for the police with the help of his protégé, officer Flora Vastine. It's murder, mystery, and suspense set…


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Blessed Are Those Who Thirst - Anne Holt

I first 'discovered Anne Holt when I read the Edgar nominated 1222 featuring recurring protagonist Hanne Wilhelmsen last year. (and loved it! -…


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Big Book Giveaway

Free books and stories giveaway- over a dozen authors, lots of books, some good mysteries included:

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DVD of CSI Portsmouth 2012 where crime fiction meets crime fact now on sale

A DVD of CSI Portsmouth 2012, which was held on 3 November as part of Portsmouth Bookfest, featuring crime authors Stephen Booth, Ann Cleeves, Matt Hilton and Pauline Rowson has now been released and is on sale as a two disk set.

Over a hundred and sixty people attended the one day event held…


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Review of THE BLACK BOX by Michael Connelly

Review of The Black Box by Michael Connelly. A gripping crime read. At Murder Beach Mystery Reviews.

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SEDUCED TO KILL IN KAUAI Now in iTunes, Kindle, and Nook

SEDUCED TO KILL IN KAUAI is a novel of erotic suspense and psychological intrigue by crime writer R. Barri Flowers, the bestselling author of MURDER IN MAUI and MURDER IN HONOLULU. Married advertising exec Jack Burke finds his life in paradise turned upside down when he has a passionate affair with a mysterious and beautiful exotic woman…


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From R. Barri Flowers, bestselling author of teen novels, GHOST GIRL IN SHADOW BAY and DANGER IN TIME, comes COUNT DRACULA'S TEENAGE DAUGHTER, a delightful young adult vampire tale with a nice blend between typical teen life and vampire methology. Kula Lockhart learns at age sixteen that she is the half-human daughter of the powerful Count…


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Literary E-Mag Publication Release!

Today, one of my short-stories was featured in Transient #2: Winter 2012. The story is called "After School" and I'd say it's at least a relative of the "crime genre" if not exactly a member. I hope some of y'all can check it out. This is my second story published and the first outside of a college publication. It's an exciting step, for sure. I hope you all enjoy.…


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C3 Conference

Why haven’t you registered for the Creatures, Crimes & Creativity Conference? Check the web site and tell me what would make you want to attend.

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Did I Write that Book?

At an author event last week at the Logmark Bookstore in Cheboygan, MI, I was talking with two other writers about how completely we become absorbed in the book we're writing. It wasn't a new conversation; authors often speak of being immersed in a world of their own creation. When we finish a book, it's like waking up and becoming re-involved in the world outside our heads.We're probably lucky if we find that our significant others still live in the same house and our children haven't…


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My new supernatural thriller Season of the Wolf launches on February 26, 2013 (published by DarkFuse), and it's already picked up a couple of rave reviews.

"Season of the Wolf is full of twists that will surprise readers time and time again. With his rich use of description, Mariotte has created a story which will grab the attention of readers and will have them…


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