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Writing a crime series and keeping each novel fresh

Writing a crime series and keeping each novel fresh is always a challenge for crime writers. There are now nine in the DI Andy Horton series and number ten, Death Surge, is being published by Severn House in September 2013 in the UK and on 1 January 2014 in the USA. So DI Horton has come a long way since first appearing in Tide of Death in 2006.

So how does a writer keep the series fresh and the central character of interest to readers?

Readers buy my books…


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Pauline Rowson discusses how her DI Horton mysteries are transformed from a simple idea into a fully formed book

I'm often asked if I have a writing routine. There are writers who write the same time every day come what may; others who will write a certain number of words every day and when they've done their quota, they'll knock off.  Me? I have no real set routine but I do like to write every day, speaking engagements permitting.

Some days when the words flow or I am at a…


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Book news and events for August and DI Horton goes on the London Underground

August is  traditionally a quieter month in terms of speaking engagements for me so it is a chance to get down to some hard graft on the writing front.  I'm running a little behind with the next DI Andy Horton, which will be number eleven in the series, but I am confident that I will make up time in August.

I also have two speaking engagements in August and am delighted to be giving a talk…


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