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First Upload Sample Chapters to Scribd, then Commence Horn Tooting

Now I'm not one to toot his own horn – or one who starts doing something by denying that I frequently do it – but some horn tooting is in order. The first three chapters of "Cleansing Eden" went up over at Scribd. In less than 12 non-prime time reading hours, 110 people had read the chapters.

That may or may not knock your socks off, but I'm sure as heck happy about it. You can add to the read count by clicking… Continue

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How 'bout I Cough in Your Cup and Charge You a Coffee?

How does this proposal sound?

1) You give me $1,500.

2) You write a 1,200-word story and give it to me. It doesn't matter if you've ever written anything beyond a grocery list. I don't care. Just put 1,200 words into a Word document and send it to me. My "editing services" will handle the rest.

3) I put your story into a compilation and "publish" it. I send you copies to sell.

4) You gain instant credibility as an author. This will help you promote your… Continue

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Review: "Ffolkes' Medicine" by B.R. Stateham

Pirate detective.

As absurd as it sounds, you have to give author B.R. Stateham points for creating a new subgenre of crime fiction with his novel, "Ffolkes' Medicine" (2010, Fireside Mysteries). The main character, Geoffrey Armitage Ffolkes, is a 17th Century pirate detective. But don't laugh. It works.…


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