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Attend Virtual Launch Party for "Cleansing Eden"

Good news! "Cleansing Eden" is due out before the week is up. To kick things off, I'm planning a virtual launch party. The black tie affair will take place through my e-mail newsletter.


In addition to the standard where-to-get-it stuff, I'll throw in some freebie extras. Maybe the fabled "Cleansing Eden" online video game will finally make an appearance, you never…


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F&W Media Acquires Tyrus Books

Full disclosure: I work for F&W Media, although not in this part of the company.


F+W Media Announces Creation of F+W Crime

New Crime/Mystery/Dark Literary Fiction Vertical;

Signs Agreement with Benjamin LeRoy and Acquires Tyrus Books

F+W Media, Inc. announced today the Company will enter the fiction…

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Exploring The Rules of Crime Fiction

Inspired by this interesting post over at B.R. Stateham's blog, I came up with my own responses to the "rules" of crime fiction that Joyce wrote about. Here goes:


1. Whoever your killer is, make sure you let your readers meet him or her early on. You don’t want them to pop up out of nowhere late in the story.


My brand…


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Ye Old Sneakith a Peakith

Hear ye, hear ye, all neighborhoods with a town crier instantly see a decline in their property values. And they also catch a glimpse of the cover for a mashup I'm writing with Giovanni Gelati.


Oh yes, I'm diggin' the monocle, too. Can't stop talking about it. Your whole world changes when you get a monocle.



Look for the completed digital short in…


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Video: Using a Computer to Plot a Crime Novel

Maybe this works for you, but I don't see it coming out on top in my book. The ol' Think in the Shower Method gets the job done for me.

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Read Paul Brazill's "Heart of Saturday Afternoon" on Fingerprints

"Fingerprints" is the Web's first journal of crime flash non-fiction, and it's an honor to have the ubiquitous Paul D. Brazill contribute a piece. It's called "Heart of Saturday Afternoon." If you've ever blown weekends of your youth harassing the help at shopping malls, you'll enjoy what he has to say.


Click here to read, "Heart of Saturday Afternoon."

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A Publisher? For "Cleansing Eden?"

It's true, I'm happy to say. The good folks of Trestle Press took me on this morning. I'm excited to work with a publisher so committed to reaching readers on different platforms.


It's also nice, once again, to be in a house with fellow C'Spacer B.R. Stateham.


Let the mayhem begin!

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Anarchists. Bombs. Conspiracy. This ain't fiction, folks

This is real life. Philip Dodd unwittingly became the UK's Public Enemy Number One. He tells his story over at "Fingerprints," the Web's first journal of crime flash non-fiction. Click here to read it.



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Amazon & Smashwords Merge!

Amazon and Smashwords are now the same company. Details from the Smashwords Blog:




(Los Mirages, Calif. and Seattle WA) – April 1, 20111Smashwords, a leading ebook distributor, today announced a definitive agreement to acquire Amazon for $149.99 a share or $69 billion, a 20%…


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