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Review: "South of Shiloh" by Chuck Logan

Minnesota crime author Chuck Logan came up with the biggest jerk of a protagonist ever in "Absolute Zero." I gave the novel its own absolute zero in this review. But there was something about ol' Chuck that I liked. No matter how much I hated his characters, his writing style piqued my interest.

I decided to give him another chance, this time with…


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Crime Fiction Readers Secretly Want to Kill Everyone – Including You

At least, I think they do. If released into the wild, crime fiction readers would be the first to put a pitchfork through their neighbor for spite or profit.

Read my interview with Susan Whifield here:

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6 Books Everyone (Including Your English Teacher) Got Wrong

Found this over at It's interesting to read how many classic books continue to be misinterpreted, such as "Alice in Wonderland" (not a drug trip, it's actually about algebra), "The Jungle" (not about bad meat, it's actually a call for socialism), "Fahrenheit 451" (not about censorship, it's about the threat of TV).

Read it here:… Continue

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Reasons to Read My October Newsletter

1) It's got a free full audio book (5 nice hours long) available for you to download or listen to streaming.

2) It features a book review that uses the words, "a fiction reader's equivalent of a fighter pilot pulling four Gs for a hole straight into hell."

3) It's got video of a psychic detective getting embarrassed on live television.

4) It's free...of herpes.

Click here to read my October 2010 newsletter.

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Review and Read for Free

I'm in need of reviews for my flash fiction collection ebook, "4 Killer Crime Stories in 4 Minutes." I'll send it to you free if you post that review (good or bad) on Barnes & Noble.

That's it. Nothing to lose. You don't even have to like the ebook.

Just reply to this thread or send me a message.


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Psychic Detectives: Crime Fiction or Crime Fact?

In my pursuit of all things crime fiction, I came across this video. To the question of whether psychic detectives have any merit, we can say case closed in this instance.

What do you think about psychic detectives? I think they are more lucky than psychic.

James Randi, the host in this video, makes a good point. Why don't psychics pick up images from an item's history prior to the crime? As a knife enthusiast, I enjoy sharpening knives for…


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