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Contemporary authors often find themselves in the uncomfortable position of defending the accuracy of their fiction, while true crime writers of dubious repute (not me)

publish nonsense as if it were well-researched and factual.

I've never met Mark Fuhrman, author of Murder in Spokane, but I wrote a book, Body Count, about the same case. I devoted a full year to intensive research and

interviews, pouring…


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BBC 4 Radio Special on Leslie Charteris

LESLIE CHARTERIS -- A Saintly Centennial

TUESDAY July 31st

11:30 am -- Noon BBC Radio

This year marks the centenary of the birth of popular fiction writer Leslie

Charteris, best known for his many books chronicling the…

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"When people find out I'm an author, they ask me for a

free book," whispered Burl Barer bombastically while shaking his

forefinger in the face of fate ominously, yet with typical asymmetric

flairs recently removed from the trunk of his car, "and I tell them,

`WHAT?? If I were a butcher, would you ask me to throw you a bon


Barer, best known for his succinct rambling slimmed down contemporary prose characterized by brevity…

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Short Stories

I enjoy writing short stories, although there isn't much market for them. I do have one in the latest online edition of crime and suspense ( www.crimeandsuspense.com). It is entitled THE SHORT STORY. I also enjoy the rather antiquated forms, novellas and novelettes. I have one or the other available for forty-nine cents on Amazon Shorts. The title is The Treasure of Sir Thomas Conway. Believe me, it is worth every penny of that 49 cents!!!

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Sequel to HEADLOCK

Several years ago I wrote a well-reviewed PI mystery, HEADLOCK. It was the first in a series. Sadly, the publisher folded and the sequel, MONKEY TRAP, remains incomplete and unpublished. <sigh> A nice publisher is interested in it, provided I make it less "ADD" -- I get a bit carried away with stories with stories and apparently disconnected digressions that do, actually, connect. So, a re-write is in order. Here is a sample of this "work in suspended animation" -- This is unrevised, in… Continue

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