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Life has been very exciting since I last posted a blog. First, I had great fun giving my one-day class on creating characters. The small but lively group of writers dug into the exercises with gusto, and seemed to want to hear what I had to say.

I also learned, and can now announce, the winners of the Austin Camacho Beltway Crime Contest! Crime and Suspense editor Tony Burton is a tough audience, but the stories he chose are all gems. Let me send out loud congratulations right now to… Continue

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Smiles from Saturday Signing

I've had fun signing my novels at Borders Express in Springfield Mall before, but never as much fun as I had Saturday. This time I joined two other local authors to present our novels to new readers and many who already knew one writer's books but not the other two. It is always great to tell people about my writing, but it's a different kind of fun to present someone else's work and to hear other writers talk about my own.

One of fellow authors, Candice Poarch, is a prolific writer of… Continue

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Meet me in Springfield, VA!

Tomorrow I will return to the Borders Express in Springfield Mall for a rather special book signing. Store manager Dan has always been friendly toward local authors and has had very good results with four of us in particular. It seemed a natural follow-up to host us all together.

So tomorrow all four of us will visit the store at the same time. We'll be there from noon to 5 pm, talking to each other's fans and whoever else wanders within our sight. It's always a party…

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Are ya listed?

There are lots of ways for readers to find a new writer they want to try, but perhaps the easiest is to look them up in the Yellow Pages. Specifically, I recommend the Author Yellow Pages web site. is a searchable directory of author websites. After years of hearing from readers who wanted easy access to authors and their websites, The Book Report Network created this website where authors list their official and publisher websites, as well as fan and…


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The Law of Unintended Consequences

One of the unintended consequences of the rise of the internet is that some great writing travels the world uncredited. Once in a while I see a line so beautiful that I search for the source, usually in vain. Yesterday I spotted a line that I wish I had written, and soon learned that tons of others agree with me, because it's on a lot of web sites and slides. The simple sentence:

"There are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you just want to…


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I signed, I got published, I chilled out!

Last week was quite the roller coaster ride for me. My Independence Day began with a successful book signing at the Waldenbooks in Landmark Mall. Mall traffic was lighter than usual, but the store manager told me when I left that I had been responsible for 24 percent of the day's sales. I rode that joyous news back home to a wonderful cookout with a small collection of good friends.

The weekend brought less exciting news. My schedule seems to have overloaded the book distributor's… Continue

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Meet me in Manassas - part II

Those of you who missed me at last Saturday's signing in Manassas, VA, will have

another chance get your autographed books tomorrow when Waldenbooks in

Manassas welcomes me for a book signing. This store is in the Manassas Mall

at 8300 Sudley Rd, and I'll be meeting and greeting new fans there from 1:00

pm to 4:00 pm. I hope to see you tomorrow!

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Book Flix?

I'm not sure if this is bad news for writers, but I may have found the answer for all my friends who tell me they love to read but don't have another square inch on their bookshelves at home. If you once found movie DVDs crowding you out of your home, you have probably discovered Netflix by now. Booksfree - - does the same thing for paperbacks and audio books. They have more than 96,000 titles, shipping is free both ways and,… Continue

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Meet me at Waldenbooks!

The malls should be packed with people with time on their hands on the 4th of July this year. Midweek holidays don't allow for leaving town and no one wants to start that barbecue too early. That's why I expect to meet lots of new readers at the Waldenbooks in Landmark Mall that day. I'll start signing my books at 11am and for the first time, a bookstore will have my new thriller, The Orion Assignment, available. Landmark Mall is at 5801 Duke St in Alexandria, VA, and you should… Continue

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Selling out

Yesterday, for the first time, I left a bookstore signing early. No, I wasn't angry at the folks at Borders in Manassas. Quite the contrary, they had done a wonderful job of talking up my signing and sharing my brochures with their customers. No, I left 45 minutes ahead of schedule because I had already signed the two dozen books they had ordered. It is a wonderful feeling to sell out at a bookstore, and there are few ego-boosting experiences to match watching two mystery fans deliberating over… Continue

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