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Meet Me in Virginia this weekend

This weekend’s book signing is at the Manassas Mall. Saturday, I’ll be at the Waldenbooks there from 1 pm to 4 pm. If you’re nearby I hope you’ll visit me at the Mall, at 8300 Sudley Rd, Manassas, VA.

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Very Punny - Part II

I seem to have started something with these bad puns. I was recently reminded that a person who is a voyeur is a peeping Tom. However s a BOOK about voyeurism is a peeping TOME.

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Author Update - Didja miss me?

Last weekend was one of the most fun times I’ve had in a while. What made Magna Cum Murder such a terrific event was the warm and welcoming attitudes of the Midwestern mystery fans. The conference has a few unique activities like round robin discussions for the authors and voting on resolutions. I got to be part of a great panel with debut author Wilfred Bereswill and leading mystery author Barb D’Amato during which we guided the audience through writing a mystery short story. Everyone present… Continue

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Meet Me in Indiana This Weekend!

This weekend I'll be live and in person at the Magna Cum Murder Crime Writing Festival. Lovers of crime writing will enjoy a weekend of panels, programs, interviews, and presentations by forty or so of their favorite writers! Each year this festival draws an amazing array of crime fiction authors, fans, booksellers, and other publishing industry professionals to Muncie, Indiana. Sponsored by Ball State University, Magna is one of the most popular and… Continue

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Very Punny

As much as I love playing with the language, I recognize that too many puns can sometimes cause confusion. For example, one joker remarked:

I used to be a lumberjack, but I just couldn't hack it. So they gave me the axe.

Cute, I thought, but if they gave him the axe, it sounds as if they wanted him to return to lumberjack duty.

Oh, and just a reminder: yesterday I told you that today my guest blog is on Acme Author… Continue

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Guest Blog Tomorrow!

This week you can spot me in some rather different places. For example, tomorrow I will be a guest blogger on Acme Author Link. That blog is a place where eight great crime writers regularly share their writing life, everyday life & whatever writing tips they've learned along the way. I'm both proud and flattered to have a chance to appear there.

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Big Author Update and the NEW BOOK!

It has indeed been a fun week, topped off with a fine showing signing my novels at the Borders Express in Dulles Town Center. We ran completely out of two of my titles - The Troubleshooter and Collateral Damage - but if you’re in that area, don’t worry. They’ll order more.

Also, my new Blood and Bone trailer turned up in a few new places including on

and popular video site… Continue

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Find me this weekend

I told you that tonight I'll sign books at the Borders Books at 8518 Fenton Street in Silver Spring, MD.

Tomorrow's book signing is at the equally reliable Borders Express in Dulles Town Center Mall. Folks who've seen me there before can pick up the books they're missing from my collection from noon to 4 pm. That Mall is at 21100 Dulles Town Circle, Dulles VA

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Meet Me in Maryland Tomorrow

This week will be a bit calmer than last, but I'll still get my signing time in. Friday I'll return to Borders Books in Silver Spring, MD. That store is busy at night, so I'll get there at 5 pm and probably stay until about 9. If you're in that area you'll find me at 8518 Fenton Street.

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May I Recommend...

After spending most of the week with my 100 favorite authors, how can I choose a book to recommend for your library this week? There's really only one way. I'll have to direct you to the Anthony Award winner for Best Mystery Novel, "What the Dead Know" by Laura Lippman

Laura being a Baltimore native, it was fitting for her to take the top Anthony this year. However, we fans of her Tess Monaghan mystery series might have been a little worried when she stepped out with a stand-alone… Continue

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After Bouchercon

Bouchercon was more fun than a writer should be allowed to have. I won’t bore you with details of all four days of wonder but I will hit the highlights in bullet form just to give you an idea.

I sat on a panel with some excellent writers and got to talk about how we construct a puzzle to keep the reader interested. I watched a slew of great panels too and, while it’s hard to rate them on a relative scale I’ll admit that my favorite panel had only 3 people on it.… Continue

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CAtch my Presentation in Baltimore Tomorrow

Bouchercon continues with more special events. For example, tomorrow I’ll give a presentation about "Why We Love Crime Fiction" at 2 pm at the Canton Library, 1030 S. Ellwood Avenue and O'Donnell St. in Baltimore. The setting couldn't be more appropriate -- the Canton Library was the nation's first branch library back in 1886, and on the outside it looks like the perfect setting for a Victorian mystery. After the talk, I will be signing copies of my novels at a reception featuring homemade… Continue

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New Holiday Mystery Anthology

I’ve already told you that today thru Sunday I’ll be at Bouchercon in Baltimore. Now I want to tell you about one of the books I’ll be pushing there.

For the third year in a row, Wolfmont Press has released an anthology of winter holiday crime fiction to benefit the Toys for Tots program. “Dying in a Winter Wonderland,” is also the second such collection to feature a new Hannibal Jones story. But don’t order the book just for… Continue

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It's all happening in Baltimore this week!!

This week is all about Bouchercon - the biggest mystery fan and writer event of the year. The four-day extravaganza featuring guests of honor like Lawrence Block and Laura Lippman kicks off Thursday morning. I'm on a panel at 10 am on opening day called THE RIDDLE on which I and four other authors will discuss the art of challenging the reader. It all happens at the Sheraton Baltimore City Center Hotel, 101 West Fayette Street, Baltimore, MD.

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My Guest Blog Today

In conjunction with Bouchercon - THE mystery fan's event of the year - I was invited to be a guest blogger on Read Street, the Baltimore Sun's book blog. My entry about African American private investigators went up yesterday. I promise it will be interesting, so please read my guest blog, and leave me a comment.

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Too punny not to share

Being a lover of word play I had to smile when I came upon this headline:

Energizer Bunny arrested - charged with battery.

Delicious! And a great reminder that playing with the language doesn’t have to serve any purpose. A good pun is its own reword.

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Author Update

Today I had a very nice, though short signing at Borders in Waldorf. It was scheduled to go from noon to 4 pm but I had signed all the copies of Blood and Bone they had by 2:30. My friends in Maryland definitely support me better than the home state crowd.

On line, friends have reported sightings of my new book trailer for Blood and Bone on half a dozen popular web sites including Blip TV, Readers entertainment TV, Clever, Revver, Mefedia and of course YouTube. Let me know if you see… Continue

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Today's off. Tomorrow's ON

Yesterday I told you I had a signing at a Virginia Barnes and Noble, but they failed to order books in time so don’t go there looking for me.

Tomorrow I’ll return to the full size Borders in Waldorf. From noon to 4 pm we’ll have a chance to see if my Maryland friends support me better than the Virginia crowd. This Borders is at 3304-A Crain Highway.

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I'm in VA tomorrow!

Tomorrow I make a are stop at the Barnes and Noble Booksellers in Westgate Plaza. I’ll be there from 1 pm to 3 pm signing my novels and I hope my friends in the Manassas, VA area will stop by to let Barnes and Noble know they’re missing out by not booking me more often. The store is at 8117 Sudley Road, Manassas.

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I'm In a New Anthology

I have a small part in the book I’m recommending this week, but you should certainly add it to your library. “New Lines From the Old Line State” is a multi-faceted anthology published by the Maryland Writers Association and edited by Ally Peltier.

For more than 20 years, the Maryland Writers Association has nurtured and supported the state’s literary… Continue

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