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Letters and Conversations

The Lancaster Museum/Art Gallery Associates are proud to present the first lecture in our 2007 series. Join us April 28 from 12:00 – 2:00 pm at the Lancaster Museum/Art Gallery for Letters and Conversations, the first of a three part series that explores the world of writing and publishing books in the modern age. The first lecture will be titled Planning, Writing and Developing Your Book. In this particular discussion, we are joined by four professional, published authors who will recount their personal experiences as well as methods of research, development, editing and evaluating your work. The event will be a panel discussion featuring award winning journalist and author of San Andreas Ain’t No Fault of Mine, Bonnie D. Stone; avid equestrian and author of Backyard Horsekeeping with an MFA from the Professional Writing Program at the University of Southern California, Joan Fry; author of the Devonie Lace series and screenwriter, Gina Cresse; and finally highly acclaimed mystery novelist and author of the Poetic Death Series, Diana Killian. These extremely skilled women represent several genres of the writing field including journalism, children’s books, fiction, nonfiction and screenwriting. If you are an amateur writer, an experienced writer looking to hone your skills, one looking to get published or simply one who loves to read, this event will have something for everyone.

In the first lecture, we will discuss writing your book but there is so much more involved in becoming a successful, published author that this first panel is only the beginning step in a process. Join us for the second lecture, entitled Publishing in which we will be discussing publishing, in all of its formats including self and web publishing as well as selling your book to publishing houses. Our third and final lecture in the Letters and Conversations series will be Marketing and Promoting Your Book. Writing a book doesn’t have to be a solitary battle; learn from professionals who have sold millions of books that can help you produce the best work that you can and learn about the resources available to you during the process. There will be no charge to attend any of the Letters and Conversations lectures and the events are open to the public. For more information, please email us or call the Lancaster Museum/Art Gallery.

Lancaster Museum/Art Gallery

44801 N Sierra Hwy

Lancaster, CA 93534

(661) 723-6250


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