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With Apologies to Nora Charles

So someone brought one of these goofy tests to my attention. It's the 1930s Marital Scale.

Basically, you take a quiz and see where you rank on the 1930s scale of desirable spousity. It takes maybe...four minutes.


As a 1930s wife, I am

Very Poor (Failure)…


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This is my favorite kind of day. It's raining -- just sprinkling a bit right now -- and I'm kicked back catching up on email and a few other necessary chores. Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys Season Two is playing on the DVD player -- and I do need to post my thoughts on this favorite TV show of my misspent youth over at Girl Detective one of these days. It's so...different than I remembered.

I finally got to preview the cover…


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The Nancy Drew Sweepstakes

This turned up in my email for anyone interested...


I wanted to give you a heads-up about a new interactive media marketing campaign that…


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If you're in the greater Los Angeles area this coming weekend...

Letters and Conversations

The Lancaster Museum/Art Gallery Associates are proud to present the first lecture in our 2007 series. Join us April 28 from 12:00 – 2:00…


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Steele Amusing

When I write I like to use videos or DVD as "background music." Usually I choose old movies, but lately I've been enjoying all the TV shows from way-back-when now available on DVD. Today's choice was REMINGTON STEELE Season One.

These have held up very well--better than MOONLIGHTING, I think. They were very well-cast, and entertainingly written. In fact, I found myself so distracted--actually laughing outloud at times--that I got less writing done than I should have.



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They're serving champagne brunch at the Alamo

Okay, a little bit of an in-joke. I have to admit it is feeling like back-against-the-wall time. I've got the first (ever so rough) draft of Corpse Pose due to Berkeley at the end of next week, I've done content and line edits on three separate ebook projects (with another round of line edits to go), and I have a short story (does 20,000 words really count as a short story?) due next week.

So, needless to say, if I am a trifle slow in responding to emails or chatter…


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