OK, this should go on my personal blog, but I'm so excited I can't wait to spread the news. My wonderful agent, Amy, has just sold World English rights to my debut novel Switch + the new one I'm currently writing, Speak the Dead, to Bantam Transworld UK (a division of Random House) for mass-market paperback on their thriller list (alongside authors such as Lee Child, Tess Gerritsen and Dennis Lehane). The book will be launched in the UK on October, 2008. The editor is Selina Walker (who launched Denise Mina among others).
WooHoo! I have waited a looooong time for this and can't wait to start my new career with such a fantastic and enthusiastic company. You wouldn't believe the positive and life-affirming emails I've already received from the in-house staff — everyone from reception and IT to sales and marketing. This is the start of something wonderful ;-)

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Ah yes, triumph in the face of rejection! Congratulations! Don your pith helmet and peril sensitive sunglasses. Welcome to the wild world of publishing.
Congratulations! You must be so excited. Just wait until you hold that book in your hands … it's life-altering.



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