To promote the DVD release of S4 and the upcoming 5th season Amazon has posted three prequel clips of The Wire featuring Bunk & McNulty, Prop Joe and Omar.

Bunk & Mcnulty's first meeting. Classic!!!!!!

Young Prop Joe (1962, Baltimore, Maryland) -- Not much here really.

Young Omar (1985, Baltimore, Maryland) -- This one is good because we finally get to see a character that we have only heard about, Omar's brother, "No Heart" Anthony. There is some online speculation that "No Heart" will appear in S5.

Also in December HBO will air two The Wire specials. December 20 & 21.

I also uploaded the three prequel clips to Crimespace.

Any thoughts? I think these are great.

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Season 5 is my reason for living.

I'm already gearing up with Season 4 on DVD so I can slide home right.

Bunk & McNulty? The clip hurts my liver. Young Omar is priceless. The Prop Joe clip is beautifully written, but the fat kid can't act.

Damn I love this show.
Excellent! I have followed The Wire and have the DVD's for the first 3 seasons. These clips are fun and fill in the gap of the back story. Thanks.


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