Anybody else read this? It was the first book I read by him. Didn't really enjoy it. I thought the protagonist was a jack ass (I was rooting for the cops -- which is odd for me). Plus, the parts of the prose that were supposed to be funny didn't even make me smirk; maybe I've been too spoiled by ultra-talented Robert B. Parker. Though, with Lashner, I gotta say, he's great with plot twists. . . .

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Is that protagonist Victor Carl? If he is, he is supposed to be a jack ass. I haven't read "Killer's kiss" yet but I've read most of Lashner's other books. Victor Carl is always like that and I think he's pretty cool that way. Makes him more human - he is weak, selfish, greedy and he admits it :)
Yeah, Victor Carl's his name.
I haven't read this one yet, either. However, I agree with Tania that Victor Carl is supposed to be exactly that way, and I've enjoyed the previous books with him as the protagonist. He's snide, self-centered, slick and funny and that is what separates him from other protags for me.


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