Not a discussion as such but I'm looking for new UK reviewers to add to the Shots website. I'm getting so many books that I haven't got enough reviewers to go around. So if you feel you are up to it, drop me an email and let's discuss it.


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too bad your not in the US, I would do this in a heartbeat...good luck with your search.

If you have access to US books, then I'd consider taking on American reviews. Of interest?

I know someone else who might be a possibility. I'll mention it to him.
Thanks Sandra. btw are you coming over to the UK this year for Crime Fest or Horrorgate?
I owe you an e-mail, I know...

It's a bit tricky to say at the moment, but the divorce makes it seem unlikely at this point. I would have loved to check out Crime Fest - I think they'll put on an excellent convention. And it's Simon's year to do Harrogate. I'd pay good money to see him in that dress Val wore a few years ago for quiz night. ; )
Simon in a dress - I'd pay to see that myself. Is that why he keeps going to Thailand for "research"? Sorry, I didn't know about your situation - hope it is amicable.
I'm helping Adrian and Myles with some of the organisation with Crime Fest, so I'm bound to be biased.
Gee, so many possibilities come to mind when you mention research in Thailand. Lots of beaches... I'm sure Simon has fun. I'd love to see Thailand.

If I could swing anything, it would be more likely to be Crime Fest. I suppose in the next month I have to make some firm decisions about so many things. And if Simon ever sees this thread he's going to have something to say to me about suggesting he wear the Spiderwoman outfit. LOL.

Are you going to Bouchercon? It looks certain I'll be at Baltimore. That, and Noircon in Philadelphia in April.

And I mentioned your interest in UK reviewers to two fellows I know, one who's already expressed interest to me, so hopefully he gets in touch. I've also suggested it to an American reviewer I know. I can get people in Canada titles from Harcourt and Bloomsbury, no problem - their publicist in Canada is fantastic. They just sent me the latest Sallis, new Thomas Perry, Black Widow, The Bone Rattler and An Ordinary Spy. So many books, so little time...


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