will be awarded to every person who shows up at my book signing tomorrow at the Town Book Store, 270 East Broad St., Westfield, NJ. 2-4 pm.

Pick your own color!

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Darn! I'll be in Philly at the ALA Mid-Winter Conference. Uh, if there's not a big crowd, and you have any left over, could you save me a metallic blue one?

In all seriousness, Westfield's not far from me, and if I weren't going to Philly, I'd come by!
Us Jersey guys should stick together. I'll be in Philly for ALA Conference Sunday afternoon, but you'll probably be back in NJ. You must have been in this store...I heard it was nice.

And sorry, no can do on the saving you a Beamer. Only those in attendance get one. Maybe next time.
Great come-on, Jack. I knew it wasn't true, but it put me in a good mood. :)
Not true? Egads, woman, I gave away four BMWs that weekend. Cost me over $150,000. But I figure it was worth it, right? Finding new readers is not easy.
Pirated Getze's Voice Mail:
Beep...Say Jack, This is your accountant, Monte Penny. We have to talk. Call me as soon as you get this.
Beep...Psst Jack, I got that car carrier you were look'n for. Meet me where we said we'd meet, You know that place by the dealership. Gotta Go.
Beep...Mr. Getze. This..is...an..automated...message...Your UPS Shipment from.... Matel HotWheels ....has been ...delayed. Please call the customer service number provided when you placed your order..... Your Tracking number is BFE-L05T4G00D. What can Brown do 4 U?
Karyn, how did you download my voicemail? My accountant is indeed very upset. He says if I just spent this much cash buying my own books, I'd hit the bestseller lists.


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