I wasn't very interested in this show until I realized Summer Glau (Firefly's River Tam) was in it, playing a female-model Terminator protecting John Connor. The first two episodes air on FOX Sunday night (1/13) at 8, and Monday night (1/14) at 9.

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The original film was very special to me, came along at that perfect moment of my awkward teen years and introduced me to "real" science fiction (not Star Wars or Star Trek, both of which I also loved and are not without their own merits). Even at 13, I knew this was a different sci-fi story with "balls" to it, had the audacity to paint a darker future world without jet packs and laser swords. "Blade Runner" and Cameron's film got me into Gibson, Heinlein, Dick, Ellison - writers with messages that transcended their chosen genre.

I'm really torn on this series. "Terminator 2" and "3" weren't of my generation, so they didn't really do anything for me and, frankly, I was a bit disappointed by Cameron cashing in on the idea, no matter how much technology he invented while doing so. I felt that he kind of cheapened the ambiguity of the original's ending. But I also know that those films, "Terminator 2" in particular, were equally great for kids of the next generation, kids very similar to me when I saw the original. So when I saw the fact that a series was being made and read about a 4th film in development (Christian Bale as John Connor? Who saw that one coming? He might be good, but sounds like a paycheck film to me.), I had mixed feelings. If it inspires some kid to go pick up the original film or some of the amazing literature that inspired the idea, fantastic. However, I can't help but feel like the show's a half-assed attempt to cash in on the popularity of the film(s) and will ultimately just peter out and get buried when the 4th film comes out. Judging by the first couple episodes... I think I'm right. TV's a different medium, I know, and can't afford to go nearly as dark as the original film did, but it's getting a little too close to Dawson's Creek territory for me. And how far can you even take it before it starts to contradict the films' timeline? I'll give it one more episode. But I have a feeling that'll be it for me.


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