Crimespree Cinema's Jeremy Lynch reports that author Sean Chercover has sold the rights to his debut novel and its P.I. protag Ray Dudgeon to Fox. Writer-producer Paul Guyot will develop Big City, Bad Blood as cable series.

Good luck, Sean and Paul.

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Excellent! The book is a great read and Dudgeon is a compelling character. Congratulations, Sean!
Thanks, guys!

Congrats and good luck!!!!!
Way to go, Sean. Remember, Gross, not net.
Yes, a useful formula to remember is: Net = Nothing.

The two of them working together??? I'd like to be a fly on the wall when they have "editorial" conferences. I'd even bring the booze.
I'm hearing a lot about this book. I'd better put it on my soon-to-be-bought list.

Plus, Sean is up for a Thriller award for best first novel. WOW!
Congrats again, Sean.


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