I have made a NY's resolution to read a book a week. So far I have kept it. I have finished a Cleo Coyle mystery, Amanda Marrone's vampire YA, and Rick Mofina's latest suspense thriller so far in January. I loved the CC book so much I am reading the next in the series this week!

So what are you reading?

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I read about 65 to 70 books a year, although one-third of those are audiobooks. That's about my limit. I really don't have the time to read much more than that. But I did make a New Year's resolution to read more of the books I already own.

Right now, I'm reading Susan Hill's The Pure in Heart, part of her Serrailler series.
I've made the same resolution, Kim. So far so good. If I finish the book I'm currently reading I'll be a little ahead of the game.
CR: FAN MAIL by P.D. Martin.
Review copy, due for publication 1st Feb.
She's an Australian author. Her protagonist, Sophie Anderson works as a profiler for the FBI. She's just being transferred to LA where she's investigating the murder of two crime authors in the same manner as murders in their books.
oh sunnie that one sounds good :)
It is. Grabbed my attention from page 1.
Her first two books BODY COUNT and THE MURDERERS' CLUB are available in the US (at least on Amazon). I haven't read Body Count Yet, but THE MURDERERS CLUB was a ripper and has as chilling an opening as I've ever read.
Hello, I'm new (signed up today), and am very interesting in learning about new authors. I'm an avid reader, but never even thought about resolving to read a certain number of books a year - I like the idea, though.

Is anyone familiar with Aaron Elkins? I loved his "Loot" novel. Harlen Coben and Nelson DeMille are also favorites of mine. I've got some Archie Mayer books loaned from a friend, but haven't dived into them yet.

For Christmas, I got several forensic books (I just got started on Beyond the Body Farm), so I need to read them first.
welcome Beth! yes this is my first time to resolve to read a number of books a year. it is pretty cool actually because i find i am reading more authors i never tried before. so far it is with great results!!
Just got Marcus Sakey's At The City's Edge...Loved his The Blade Itself. Both stand alones. I love forensics myself. :o)
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