How long is a New Release to be considered a New Release in the book industry?

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I've only encountered this concept in libraries and book stores. They are the ones to answer that. My feeling is that the "new release" table in the store gets changed every month. Libraries may keep books on special shelves a bit longer.
I see. Thank you.
Well, as I said, I'm no expert. It occurs to me that there is another way of looking at it. New books get reviewed in papers during the first and perhaps second month after release.
LOL, I'm still learning so I'm definately no expert either. Actually I've been wondering about that since some time last month.
I do need to understand the appropriate way to help promote both my book and others, if they wish on my website.
I really appreciate your input.
Apparently as long ass they feel like it. Every time I go into my local B&N, on the New Release shelf, probably 3/4 of the books there have been out for over a month at least, sometimes as much as four or five months. The way I see it, a month is the limit. Maybe the stores don't have enough books each week to fill the shelf, I don't know.
The publishers pay for this display.
FWIW, Amazon appears to consider a book a "new release" for three months from publication.
Okay, I'm going to keep the book up for 3 months just to be safe. Then, I'll just remove the New Release from over the top. At this point, any book I put up on my websites stays at the front, in spite of having to scroll down anyway. I didn't know Publisher's paid for the amount of time a new book reamain's considered a New Release. I just thought the book was considered that good. It surely doesn't matter one way or another in my case. I just wanted to do it as correctly as possible.

Thank you!


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