Greetings all
I'm just wondering if anyone can add to my (short) list of fictional gay and lesbian spies or adventurers - either main characters or sidekicks.

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Offhand I can't think of any, but I would be very interested to see your list so far.
Lucifer Box from the very tongue in cheek books by Mark Gattiss is a fabulously tally ho yoiks and away style of spy - who is bisexual if they are not yet on your list.
Not spies, but side kicks... Teddy Sapp, bouncer and sometime aide to Robert Parker's SPENSER, Dave ROBICHEAUX's bayou buddy from the hand of James Lee Burke. Harlin Cobin's MYRON BOLITAR's strange, wealthy sociopath pal. Not exactly a stellar list of Same-sex super heros. Hopefully someone out there will help with a list of less fractured protagonists.
Check out PROMISE ME. I thought there was a segment before they go into the city after the girl where Win's preferences were reviewed. Maybe i read it wrong.
Dave Brandstetter's the only one I've read, if you can call a PI an adventurer.
Thanks everyone - especially Karen
Sidekicks from THE BLACK WIDOW AGENCY - Antoine and Marcus, co-owners of Sachet & Sashay Interior Designs and partners in life.


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