If I could design a perfect writing space it would be a large table with my computer on it, my microwave, a little refridgerator, the coffeepot, the TV within eye range and a master volume control so that I could turn down the volume and just nod whenever anyone is talking to me or anything is talking AT me while I'm trying to think. Yummy snacks would be on a shelf within reach and my chair would be supremely comfy. Every book I needed to consult would be at my fingertips and the drafts and papers I just finished would be in order so that I could find them immediately before the thought passed.

What is your perfect writing space?

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I still get the most mileage out of public places, namely coffee shops. Not sure why, maybe the feng shui (not all of them do it for me; I prefer eclectic indies in urban areas, rather than, say, Starbucks chains in strip malls). I like a low buzz of conversation around me, maybe a juicy conversation to pick up on, and good drinks and snacks.

I still don't like working on fiction at home, much. Maybe that's because I don't get out of it often enough, and I'm afraid it will make my writing pedestrian. That said, I'd love my own office that I could paint and decorate with bold colors, low lighting, and favorite art prints. It would be small and cozy, one window, lots of shelves for books and CDs.
I can't write in public places. I mutter to myself and would most likely get picked up for appearing dangerous.
Mine's pretty good right now. I converted the sunroom into my work area. I have an old Craftsman library table...not the greatest condition but aged, sturdy and really cool with enough space for my 2 computers. I am surrounded by plants I have three wicker shelving units crammed with all my crime, mystery and thrilller books as well as my reference books. A printer, a backgammon table and a Morticia Adams chair sits next to my Grandmother's old blanket chest. The views are typically Rocky Mountains....fabulous and peaceful. A huge white board holds my notes on my work in progress and is next to a large, over-stuffed file cabinet. A white on white painting my cousin did of an ancient bristlecone pine is on the wall as well as dozens of family and ancestors' photos. My Scottie, Macduff is at my feet.

It suits me.
A comfy sofa with a laptop on my belly.
i pretty much have the ideal setup now that i've moved, but the one thing i don't have that i CRAVE is a place to walk. i like to walk 3 or 4 times during the day when i'm writing. exercise and plot problems are taken care of at the same time.
What's a "perfect" writing space? Even if mine had ever been, it would not have remained so for long. In spite of having a good-sized room, 2 large desks and one normal-sized one, two book cases, computer, printer, copier, and a closet for supplies, I'm inundated by folders, notes, post-its, boxes, and stacks of books with little papers sticking out of them on all desks and all over the floor. I can't find anything.

Oh, there's also a sleeping dog on a pile of blankets and a basket filled with bones.
Spooky insists on planting his happy butt on whatever I'm working on. Cats are narcissistic and have no patience with anything you might consider more important than them. He will carefully navagate his way onto my small computer stand so that he can stretch out across whatever I am reading. He's a large cat and it's a little stand. He would sleep if he weren't so very proud of himself.
I have a lovely office my husband fixed up for me in a spare room. It's divine. quiet, overlooks a farm and our back garden. Has a computer and printer and reference books and such. But there's one thing--I don't use it. I write on my laptop in the kitchen! if the dogs (two) drive me nuts I go up there. But they are quiet usually. I do say that I'll go up when I finish my draft and work up there--and I think I will, it's just the house is so quiet I feel cut off if I'm alone and so work in the kitchen. Yes, I know I'm nuts and don't have good work habits!
It sounds great, actually--working in the kitchen. One thing I didn't mention about my space is that my husband and I live in a studio apartment, so everything IS at my fingertips. So is all of the activity in the household. i miss it when it gets too quiet.
It is great. I mean I go over things towards dinner time. And often make notes in between making sauce and salad for instance! I bet Stephen King doesn't do THAT!
Having food delivered is a plus. I hate those nights when all I find in the fridge is a couple of leaves of wilted lettice. My husband will eat condiments by themselves but you have to draw the line somewhere.
Daniel-Did you actually move that desk in there?
I am able to combine Anne's desire to walk within a tiny office. The only place to put the tread mill was right behind my desk. So now I feel doubly guilty as I stare into space.


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