If I could design a perfect writing space it would be a large table with my computer on it, my microwave, a little refridgerator, the coffeepot, the TV within eye range and a master volume control so that I could turn down the volume and just nod whenever anyone is talking to me or anything is talking AT me while I'm trying to think. Yummy snacks would be on a shelf within reach and my chair would be supremely comfy. Every book I needed to consult would be at my fingertips and the drafts and papers I just finished would be in order so that I could find them immediately before the thought passed.

What is your perfect writing space?

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patti, i love that! the treadmill is staring at you right now.
And it's so huge. In the store it looked manageable but in a 6 x 10 room, its a monster. Oh and of course the tv too. An ancient model that takes up even more space. You can't tread without tv. So what's the incentive to work.?
i'm imagining it casting a shadow over you as you work. :D it reminds me of the time my daughter slipped on my treadmill and got her fat roll caught in between the rubber track and the frame. she was lying on the floor screaming, and it was sucking her spare tire.
I'd be completey sucked in since I'm all spare time.
OMG! I hope you were quick finding the off switch! There ARE times when it's handy to be able to pull the plug. I hope that when she got up it had saved her weeks of dieting. With my luck it would just stretch out the inflatable territory.
ouch! poor thing!
No, I just searched the internet. It's a lot easier that way. )
Did you ask for a picture of a toilet as a desk chair? You devil, you. And I had pictured you giving up your morning to stage that.
It would be a worthy cause to give up a morning for. I'm not a fan of mornings.
Ooh, I found it. Never would have thought of it. Using your brain counts for more than using your muscles.
1.5 lines with at least a 1 inch border for notes!
Literally laughing out loud, Darren.


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