Does anybody know if this British show is ever gonna be available on DVD here in the States? (After seeing actor John Simm in DR. WHO, I'm jonesing for more of his out-of-this-world performance.)

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This is a fantastic show. I throughly enjoyed it, especially setting it in the '70s and the fabulous hard-nosed Gene "You're surrounded by armed bastards" Hunt. The follow-up, Ashes to Ashes, is airing in the UK now and is set in the '80s.
I don't know if it's on DVD yet since I've been watching it On-Demand through Comcast. However, I was at Left Coast Crime this past weekend, and Adrian Muller told me that the third year takes a different character (a woman) back to the 80s. Adrian's watching it in the U.K.

Saw this on BBC-America on satellite. Loved the first season, and the David Lynch-like aspect of Sam's condition.
Liked the second season, but was deeply disappointed in the final chapter, a cop-out (no pun intended) and a weak idea.
The acting was first-rate, and Liz White is my latest crush. Something about those fresh-faced English women that knocks me out.
The second series, Ashes to Ashes, puts a woman from 2008 in the same situation. Um, okay... The good thing is that Keeley Hawes, Zoe in MI5, is the new Sam.
Can't wait.
Cool. Looking forward to the second series (sorry, not third season). Definitely agree with Ed about the awful cop-out ending of the series. I liked the Bob Newhart series closer, so much better--and how far off was that from this?
Life on Mars series 1 & 2, and Ashes to Ashes is available through
Goddamn! Netflix doesn't stock THE LAKES either. Christ, I might as well just go and buy a Region 2 DVD player.
A lot of DVD players can be easily made region-free with just a few clicks of your remote control. Google your player and see if it's one of them. I have an Oppo, which is a great upscaling player and is made region free with two clicks. Some of the cheapo ones at Wally World often come region free, too.
An episode of Ashes to Ashes was on TV here last night.
Bloody fantastic!!!
The attention to detail is phenominal - right down to the boots the MC wears.
And Gene is on top form as the homophobic, chain smoking bugger we love.
HB x
Where Life On Mars was fantastic, Ashes To Ashes, is good. For me there is something missing just that extra
elusive quality that would make it fantastic. Gene Hunt though is as good as ever.
I had to order the DVDs from Amazon UK. Loved the first series. The second series seemed inferior -- not enough foreshadowing. And I hated the last episode (too ambiguous). Altogether, I loved both series . . . Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt are the best team this side of the New York Giants!!!

P.S. I thought it would've been a cool twist if Gene's wife was a person from Sam's past, since we never saw her not once.
I must have missed something I never knew Gene had a wife?
Hunt only mentioned her in passing.


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