I'm doing some final fact checking, and I thought the board game Candy Land had a Land of Poison Toadstools, but online images show no mushrooms or toadstools. So have they changed the board and removed the shrooms, or am I thinking of another board game? Chutes and Ladders? Something else?

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Hi, I have Candyland still as I had a child who loved it. No poisonous substances of any kind have ever been featured on the Candyland board. I'm not able to recall any children's games that had poisonous toadstools but I might be wrong. Chutes and Ladders didn't did it?
Ann, does your board feature the original design from the forties?

I'm going to cruise the Target game section like L. A. suggested. Chutes and Ladders doesn't seem right, but I'll check that out.
But the designs have changed over the years, so I'm not sure that would be much help.

I think emailing Hasbro is probably the best idea. I haven't even sold this book, so getting in touch with them seems premature ... and yet it's become such a mystery!


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