And yes, I'm talking about the U.S. Deep South. Anybody got any rec's for books by Southern writers? I like the darker stuff - noir, hard-boiled, y'know, dark! I've already read a ton of JLB, but know I'm missing out on a ton of other writers. Help!

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Laura Benedict's ISABELLA MOON is genuinely disturbing - in a good, good Southern Baroque way.
Good question Angie- I can only think of cozy authors that are by or for Southern Writers. I love Patricia Sprinkle and the late Anne George. But you said dark... hmm..
Try David Fulmer. I'm reading his Chasing the Devil's Tail right now, set in New Orleans, circa 1900, lots of action in Storyville, prostitutes ... oops, excuse me, "sportin girls" :) and music and a sexy Creole detective. This was his first detective novel, I think, and won a Shamus Award. He's written several more featuring the same detective, setting and time period. One of his stories is featured in the short story collection: New Orleans Noir.

I also recommend Robert Olen Butler (New Orleans). Fab writer. Good Scent from a Strange Mountain won a Pulitzer. It's a collection of short stories, some of them dark, others not so, about Vietnamese now living in the U.S. (Butler served in Vietnam during the war.)
I agree with Naomi's take on COLD STEEL RAIN. Haven't read the follow-up.
So many books, so little time...

Just started on A.N. Smith's THE DRUMMER & I gotta say it's just what the doctor ordered. Fast moving and FUN! With all the suggestions I've gotten, I should be a happy camper for the next few weeks. My bank account...not so much.
Haven't read THE DRUMMER, but read YELLOW MEDICINE a coupla weeks ago. Great stuff and fun. Smith is a blast.
I'm afraid I can't help you on this one. My book's a cozy, and set in Virginia, which as any true southerner knows, doesn't qualify as the Deep South.

Good luck, though.


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