Little City, Big Crime....or at least, weird crime

Since joining CrimeSpace a couple of weeks ago, I've received several off list inquiries from members asking what types of crimes happen in small towns. Well, we get all kinds of crime, but we are usually on the lower end of the scale for the really serious stuff like murders, and bank robberies, of which we've had exactly one of each in the six years I've been here. But here's one from '07 that's one of my all time fav's, and even made CNN, and Tokyo Network TV news!

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How funny! Small town crime can range from breaking into someone's house and taking their canned goods to some pretty gruesome murders. I love reading the small town crime columns. Thank you for sharing.
Hi Mari: We do like to cling to our illusions, don't we? I would even bet that fictional New England small town Norman Rockwell used in a lot of his paintings was, at times, a lot like a little piece of east L.A.
K.R. -- I was amused reading the topic of your post. I moved from Dallas, Texas (Big city, big crime) to Nacogdoches, Texas (Small city, big crime) two years ago and have been amazed at the crime stats out here. For a city of approximately 30,000 in a county of 60,000 I have been as busy as an assistant district attorney as I was in another county of over 250,000. We have an inordinate number of sexual aassaults with known suspects (usually family or extended family) and many drug offenses (on a major highway route between Houston and the mid west). Plus the standard knuckleheaded alcohol fueled trailer park variety assaults etc... Anyway, welcome to the playground and enjoy Crimespace it's a great site filled with nice people.
Hi John: I had to laugh. I was reading your post a little before 7:30 this morning before I went on duty, when the Disptach Center called my house to tell me there was a robbery alarm going off at one of our three downtwon banks...and I thought, oh crap! You know, the old "life imitates art" thing? I responded to the scene and of course like 99% of all bank holdup alarms around here, it was false; accidentally set off by an employee counting out cash from the vault. But still, it's that last 1% you always have to be thinking about, little city or not.
Hey K.R. Glad it was a false alarm...Like Sgt Phil Esterhouse (Actor Micahel Conrad) used to say on Hill Street Blues..."Hey, hey, let's be careful out there..."At least it wasn't the Sleep over Bandits!
I haven't thought about Sgt. Phil Esterhouse in years! What a great show Hill Street Blues Was. I was a Patrol Sgt. myself then, and my oldest son was just a toddler. I can remember coming home for dinner on the swing shift and when Hill Street would come on, and that theme song would start playing, my son would get all excited and point at the TV screen and start saying "Da da! Da da!" I guess he must have identified with all the men in blue uniforms he was seeing.
I was from Atlanta! Where in Atlanta was she from?
I don't know if Barney Miller was the most realistic cop show ever made, but it certainly was one of the funniest. For reality though, I don't think Police Story ever has, or ever will be beaten. They should update it and bring it out again. I'll bet it would even give The Wire a run for the money.


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