I just returned from a 16-day cruise in Norway, a great trip from Bergen, Norway, up the coast and back on the MS Trolljford. I can really say that it was the trip of a lifetime, but now I want to go to Greece. Maybe I can plot a story about an American tourist who gets herself in trouble on foreign soil. Seriously, if you ever get the chance to do what is termed "The Most Beautiful Coastal Voyage[" I would waste no time about leaving. The scenery was magnificent, and the Norwegian people are great hosts. If anyone has a Norwegian mystery writer to recommend, please let be know.

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Karin Fossum. Excellent writer! Get every book you can.
Thanks for your suggestions. I found another author this morning--not Norwegian but from the Netherlands. He wrote MURDER IN AMSTERDAM (ISBN 189076857X), and my local Dallas, Oregon, library has several of the author's books-- A. C. Baantjer--not that I need any more books to read.
Wow, prolific, isn''t he?
Your cruise sounds wonderful! We just got back from three weeks in England visiting family. Incrediblly expensive, over $8 a gallon of gas and doing over 2,000 miles to visit with family was a major outlay! I suggested that we had a family reunion on a cruise to Alaska. Would be a lot cheaper for us! Flying from Panama, Central America took us over two days!
Yes, there were people that met on the ship. The trip was a floating United Nations. At 72, I was going solo as my husband died on April 3, 2007. Even though I was alone, I was protected by the fact that the group leader kept track of us all. With ship travel, one opens his suitcase once and just packs it on the final day. I highly recommend the MS Trolljford for travel, altho classed as a working ship, she has everything--great food, nightclub, 24 hour food, but one never has to leave the ship unless he wishes. The scenery is worth the trip.


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