Okay, so it's taken me almost a month to figure out that all the friends requests I thought I was accepting were still sitting in a folder on ning waiting for me to sign in and actually click "accept." So I'd like to apologize to everyone who now thinks I've been ignoring them. This is why I love reading mysteries -- little things go right over my head!

I am finally back to writing on my novel, thanks to kicks-in-the-butt from several people here. It feels good. Now that I have more time, I look foward to touring around crimespace and chiming in on some of the forum discussions.

Thanks again, everyone!

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Maybe your member blog or chat wall is a more appropriate place for this, Talekyn.

Further apologies, Daniel. I'm still learning my way around this.
No worries, just thought I should mention it. Above all, try stuff out and have fun with the place.

Talekyn? Quit reading this and get on with your writing! geeeeez I have book money in my wallet just waiting to be spent.


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