Other than contacting actual people in the industry, does anyone know of professional organizations for personal security 'agents'? Or what some good sources of information are? My character gets hired as a bodyguard, a skillset she sort of learns as she goes, but I want to make sure I get the laws and requirement and permits, etc. correct.

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This link doesn't deal in laws or specifics, but Gavin de Becker is an interesting guy to refer to if you're intending to write on any form of security.

I found a "Close Protection World" website www.closeprotectionworld.co.uk which says it is "the internet's newest and fastest growing International Close Protection and Security portal." It appears to have a discussion forum.

There also appears to be a "Professional Bodyguard Assocation" that trains bodyguards. Their website is at myersmith.tripod.com/home.html

I know absolutely nothing about the bona fides of these organizations, but I figured I'd pass on the info to you.

Hope this helps!

Ken Isaacson
Awe. Some! Thank you!
Don't forget to reach out to your local police department. Many times officers will retire to such positions. I have several colleagues who provide "personal security" (I think the term "bodyguard" may be passe) to business people and the like. Also, any officer who specializes in SWAT training might very well be trained in the security detail of visiting dignitaries. There is a specialized language for all of this in terms of targets, potential threats, etc. If you explain who you are, what you are looking for and offer an acknowledgement or coffee, they may very well be able to put you in touch with someone.
Check out these guys:


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