Does anyone know how to send and receive private messages? I'm still trying to figure out how to navigate this place. Thanks.

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Look in the upper left corner of the page, above the crimespace title banner. You should see your profile pic (tiny) and next to that an envelope graphic. The envelope is the icon for PM's. Also, when you go to a member's page, look just under their profile pic. There's a link that says something like "send this member a message." If you click on that, you'll go to the mail program and be able to send that person a PM.
Thanks, that seems obvious now that I've seen it. :P
Don't feel bad Michael, I had issues with this myself.
That's not what I feel bad about Norby. It's that now that I know how to check for private messages, I see that I have none. j/k ;)
Ah, kind of like when my family got an answering machine and my dad realized no one was calling him after all.


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