A French film based on Harlan Coben's novel, TELL NO ONE, has been released in Los Angeles and it's been getting rave reviews. Thriller writer Dianne Emley and I will be seeing it next Tuesday. Has anyone seen it yet? Please post your reviews here and I'll add mine next week.

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I bought the DVD last year - it's been out for a while in England and I loved it. Although there are of course differences between the screenplay and the book it doesn't disappoint. The cinematography is good and the contrast between some of the more romantic elements and the gritty ones it well handled. I'm really glad that the first Harlan Coben book to be filmed was given this kind of treatment, it's not like a mainstream blockbuster but a showcase for beautiful storytelling.

The only downside was that the lead man (who is very good) is slightly reminiscent of a UK TV presenter named Angus Deighton (it isn't the actor's fault!). If you don't know him that won't matter though. Really hope you enjoy it, Alison
The movie was very interesting, but also highlighted the problems of adapting a novel full of backstory into a two-hour movie. I loved the beginning but then the layers and layers of connections wore on me a little. I got confused about who was who and the actor who played the lead (very ably, I may add) seemed a lot older than his wife--they were supposed to be the same age. The acting was good and some of the action scenes were well choreographed. I agree that the romantic aspects were strong yet not too maudlin. It was fun to see Harlan Coben as an extra in one of the scenes. It's easy to spot him!

I don't know why but the American sound track bothered me. I think if they used other music it might fit the movie better.

It makes sense to me that Coben's work would be adapted by the French. They are masters of the domestic story. I don't think an American production could do better.


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