This is the second summer of my Crimespace T-shirt. I just took it out of the dryer, and I have to say it's one of those items of clothing that actually gets better with age. I've probably washed it twenty times, and the image has remained sharp and clear, while actually getting softer. When I wear it people notice the Crimespace name and want to know all about it.

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Yer so cool...

I got a hoodie, but wasn't quite so thrilled with it - fabric's a little on the thin side & so it's Spring/Fall wear only. Now I want a t-shirt!
oh, too bad about the hoodie. i also have a tank, and i'm not crazy about that fabric. but the T-shirt fabric is very nice. weird how it's all different.
They do have a 30 money-back guarantee, but I guess it's a little late to mention that...
Was that the one with the big logo or the little one? I wear my black T with the big logo and get many people staring at my chest.

Does anyone think I should change the T-shirts at all? Would women like an option with a smaller logo (I ain't gettin' rid of the gun)?

Is this way too much BSP?
Daniel, it's the big logo. and yes, people do stare. :D at the same time it's quite a conversation starter and people tend to be extremely curious. it's a great logo. and no, I don't think it's too much BSP at all.


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