Can snippets of dialogue be used well in one or two sentences of backstory?

Or is it not good in your opinion?
I'm revising now--and it's very easy for me to just cut it
out--but I'm wondering about it. Perhaps it gives a more insightful view of the character recalling a tiny bit of conversation.
There is over all, almost no backstory apart from a sentence or two sparsely placed.
Yes, it has to relate to the story and to move the plot along--but can it also be enriching?
Opinions please?

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Why shouldn't there be dialogue in backstory? If a character remembers the words, they must have had meaning.
True I.J.
And thanks.
Yeah, I agree with I.J. Don't buy in to that linear if-it-doesn't-advance-the-plot-then-cut-it philosophy. Plot is meaningless without solid characters, and in order to develop your characters, you've got to let them breathe. If you like it, keep it.
thanks John.
Good reply.
You're right.
I agree, too. I think dialogue -- natural, in-character dialogue -- is almost always preferable to just plain exposition. To me, it's more like the reader is experiencing omething haopning rather than being told it happened.
(How ya been, anyway?)
Fine! FINE? did I say fine?!
Actually, I'm in the midst of revision and one huge pre nervous breakdown, but other than that I'm just tttttterriffffficccc!
seriously, thanks for that. I agree too. been thinking about it.
It is more interesting actually. don't know why I questioned it--was too gung ho on cutting things out on the weekend!
thanks for that!
thanks DAn.
makes good sense.
i'm getting more sure of my revising now--although it's scary!


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