This woman cannot live on March Madness and books alone. Any good movies to recommend? Right now "The Lookout," which opens today in some markets, looks plenty good. I've heard positive buzz on TV about it, but the L.A. Times states this morning: "'The Lookout' is a writer's thriller. . . . [Director Scott] Frank has come up with an involving twists on traditional thriller material, but what makes 'The Lookout' distinctive is its strong sense of character. It's that uncommon genre film that has invested time and skill in creating convincing, carefully constructed personalities." Reviews often misdirect, but I hope this
reviewer is spot-on. What else is out there, either new or on DVD?

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The Lookout is excellent, well worth seeing in the theatres. If you have enjoyed John Carpenter movies, Grindhouse is fun.

Smokin' Ace just came out on DVD. It is entertaining, though not great.
WKRP in Cincinnatti: season one comes out on April 24th.

But make sure to see The Lookout. It is a very smart thriller that slowly builds to a satisfying climax....and there are no explosions.
Thanks for the heads-up. Will do. Just got back from CRIMSON KIMONO at the Egyptian in Hollywood. What a hoot. And amazing footage of Little Tokyo. The storyline was so ahead of its time.
I'm glad to hear the Lookout is good-I've been a Joseph Gordon-Levitt fan since 3rd Rock. Okay, I admit, I'm in love with the lad.

Also, WKRP-I can't wait. Growing up in Ohio-it was so cool that there was a sitcom based in Ohio, and it's just funny. The Thanksgiving episode-with the turkeys and the helicopter-I still laugh like an idiot.
Have seen about half of the movies you mentioned. Did you see the special features connected with RABBIT-PROOF FENCE? That was almost more heart-breaking than the movie itself.

Saw BRICK, finally. If you have a 16-year-old, you should rent it. I loved it. Some folks had problems with the language, etc., but I didn't. Listen to the director's cut--it's worth it.
Oh, so you two were in the camp that didn't like it. That's fine. It's not for everyone.

BTW, if you go to theaters, too, I've heard only raves for ONCE.
We just got back from Ocean's 13. Lots of eye candy, very little content. For those who know Las Vegas, it was fun to see where they CGI'ed the Bank Casino. For those who like the multiple screen action shots it was so so. Too much predictable formula, not enough suspense. The parting shots brought the only mass snicker from the audience.

Saw Pirates-At the End of the World last weekend and I can only say I hope it was the end of the world for that series. Next weekend, I think I'll pick the film.
A request - in your replies, could everyone please include the name of the film or show you're refering to?
In scrolling down, it's time-consuming to backtrack and pick out the relevant information for those non-specific "I agree"-type responses. (I just happened on this discussion since it was moved to the new Box Office section, which is a good idea - but a tempting time waster. I'm feeling guilty about not writing right now; hence what some might construe as the churlishness of this comment.)


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