A request to the internet hive mind. I’m filling up my Amazon Kindle for the long flights ahead (NYC, B-con and Germany) and I’m looking for recommendations. Anybody out there have any suggestions? My latest purchase: GO GO GIRLS OF THE APOCOLYPSE by Victor Gischler, if that tells you anything about my taste. Mostly interested in hardboiled and noir but willing to branch out for books that sound intriguing. Oh, and suggestions need to be available on Kindle.

I was thrilled to see Richard Prather’s books have been Kindled. I’ve already downloaded a few favorites to help preserve the fragile spines of my vintage paperbacks. However, what I’m really looking for is stuff I might not have heard of.

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Oooh, you have a Kindle too? I got to play with one in LA and I have to say I'm pretty impressed.

I'm sure you've heard of him, but I do see that Joe R. Lansdale has plenty of work available for the Kindle.
I have heard of Lansdale and love his work, but I've already got most of it on paper.

It was great to meet you, btw.
Hardcore Hardboiled!!!!

Is that shameless? It's shameless, isn't it?
Hot Prowl

It's pretty cool..about a writer with writers block who shakes things up by taking something that doesn't belong to him one day and it changes his life forever, but not in the way you may think...


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